by Poindexter Pomperoy

Chapter 1

It is Saturday morning 5 A.M. I am lying in bed thinking of how I can release my sexual tension. It has been seven weeks from my last encounter with my lover and I haven't done anything on my own. I've been putting it off for one reason or another and to put it bluntly I'm about to explode.

I know that I'm ovulating which adds to the yearning. There is no one home except me again, this is day fifty of celibacy and all I can think about is doing it. My lover won't be in town for several more days and my mind is dreaming up fantasies like never before. I remember my lover getting excited once in a department store when I accidentally exposed my breast to him when a button plopped off. I have to admit that seeing him get excited really got to me. I wonder if I can make a stranger excited if I show my naughty bits, accidentally of course. Perhaps I could explode without even a touch just from the excitement. People at work can't be a threat to me. But how can I excite them without looking obvious? Letís seeÖ red lipstick, fingernail and toenail polish are a good start.

Perhaps a little extra makeup. Well if I'm going to do this I may as well do it right. I'll start with a bath and shave. My first stop will be for a blonde wig and sunglasses. I feel a little like MacGyver today. I'm going to glue some tiny mirrors to the inside of my sunglasses like rearview mirrors so I can see what is going on behind me. Letís see for a top that I can show off my naughty bits whenever I want, I have a white silk top that is a little too big and somewhat see through in the sunlight. I'll make a few adjustments. The neckline is very low cut so if I lean over you can see down the front.  I'll hem it up as short as I can so you can just see the bottom edge of my breasts. If I lift my arm I'll pop out from the bottom. I'm going to cut the armholes larger almost to the nipple. If I lean forward even a little you can see in from the side. I'm going to put lipstick on my nipples to make them stand out.

Now if I could only keep my nipples hard while I toy with the strangers. I have some frozen food keepers in the freezer. I'll put them in my pocketbook to cool off my breasts as the games begin. Now I know my nipples will be rock hard. I can't wait to turn their little bulges into embarrassing boners. Now for a way to expose my other naughty bits but only when I want to. I'll wear the white skirt to my tennis outfit. It is very short but I'm going to hem it up, way up. I have a habit of fanning myself with this skirt when I'm hot that should be fun with nothing underneath. The skirt is silk and very light and since I lost weight it won't even stay on my hips, so I'll attach it to my top with little string suspenders. This way too if I raise my arm my breast will pop out and my newly shaved area will shine at the same time. I'll practice in the full length mirror for a while and then film myself with my video camera hooked up to the TV monitor to make sure I can expose what I want, to who I want, when I want.

So I begin; It is 5:30 I'm applying hair remover to everywhere except my head and arms as I'm waiting for the tub to fill. Just thinking about what I'm about to do is starting my juices to flow. I'm going to drink a lot of water today so I don't get dehydrated. I have a feeling it is going to be a long day and I certainly don't want to dry out. Iím sitting comfortably on the side of the tub with my knees spread well apart covered with hair remover to my waist thinking about the day to come. I'm not sitting ladylike at all today no matter what I'm keeping my knees at least two hands distance apart at all times no matter who is looking. I decide to shave as well, shaving removes any stubborn hair and also removes a thin layer of old skin making my skin more sensitive. Finishing my bath I collect my outfit and go into the sewing room.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this, sitting in my sewing room altering my outfit. Sitting naked the honey is starting to flow as I realize it isn't just a fantasy. I'll soon try on my outfit for the first time. I wonder if I will actually do this or chicken out. I drink another big glass of water as I sew. In trying on my outfit I find I've done a perfect job. Looking in the full-length mirror the hemline is almost even with my crotch and I can just see the bottom edges of my breasts peeking out from the bottom of my top. I put the video camera on the tripod and hooked it up to the TV. Facing the camera leaning over to pick up my pocketbook from the floor I can see everything in my top, turning sideways the armholes give the same results. The same movement from behind leaves nothing to the imagination. Standing straight I raise my right arm as to hail a cab my right breast becomes totally exposed.

The suspenders connecting the skirt lift the skirt to reveal my newly-shaven vertical grin. Viewed from behind my right cheek comes out for a visit. I lower the tripod to sitting height and put a chair in front of the camera and sit down. I can see my grin but I would like to show more. I spread my legs and with both thumb and index fingers pull on my inner lips until it hurts just a little now that is what I would like to show, but how can I keep my inner lips in that position almost tucked into the creases of my legs?  I have super glued my fingers together accidentally before but got them apart with fingernail polish remover. Slowly and carefully with my left hand I pull on my inner lip on the right side until it hurts just a little. I apply super glue to the outside of my inner lip keeping the tension. I press it in place over the outer lip and then do the same on the left side. Now sitting in front of the camera with my legs about eight inches apart I can see the little man in the boat and deep inside my opening. This is causing my honey to flow like never before, as I walk around the room the tension on my lips is causing my little man to kind of poke out and is being rubbed with every step I take. As I walk I shift my hips back and forth this increases the pleasure to where I like it best. As I walk my little man is pounding in rhythm with my heartbeat. The honey is running down my inner thigh almost to my knee. I've never been so wet; it is like a faucet I can't turn off. I'm drinking more water now. I don't want this to end. I need to calm down or I'm going to pop before the fantasy begins. I'm taking a cold shower. I turn on only the cold water and let it run. I wonder what the temperature of the water is. The only thermometer I have that will work is hanging on the fence outside in the backyard so I go outside; the temperature has dropped down to 49 according to the thermometer. All I have on is my little outfit. The cold wet grass feels exciting to my feet. I wonder if I can go barefoot today. Although the cool temperature should be calming me down, I'm actually getting hotter thinking about being outside wearing this outfit. Although I look like I'm ready to play tennis except for my bare feet I have another game in mind all together.

Standing outside for a while the honey reaches my ankle and runs into the instep of my foot. I'm going inside now my skin is cold to the touch but I'm oozing like never before. I take off my outfit and step into the cold shower with the thermometer the water temperature is 55 degrees it actually feels warm from being outside. The cold water beats against my skin and I move to the rear of the shower so the cold water pounds on a very sensitive spot that begins to throb even harder than before, again in rhythm with my heartbeat. I can feel my body temperature beginning to drop as I begin to tremble and shake the trembling excites me even more.

My bladder is full and I've been holding it for a very long time now but I can't hold it any longer I relax and the hot golden shower runs down my icy leg it feels so good. I hold it back and stop it from coming out.

Then I relax and let a little out, then hold it back and let a little out over and over each time feeling better than the time before. Only giving up perhaps half of the amount I was holding. I stop with my bladder still aching to empty completely. I move to face the shower to drink the shower water until I can't drink any more. My bladder is still begging to empty. I turn off the water and still shivering I dry off. The towel feels so warm. I stand in front of the heater until I warm up and stop shaking. I put my outfit on. I put the frozen food keepers in my pocketbook. I grab my tennis racquet. I'm going to carry my tennis shoes all day. I'll tell anyone who asks that my feet hurt. It will appear as though I just then slipped them off. I'm going to wear lacy baby doll socks just to get their attention. A red headband, red purse, and red beaded bracelet and necklace, now I'm ready for the games to begin but tennis isn't what I've got in mind. Standing in front of the mirror I put my foot on the chair in front of me to adjust the lace on my sock looking in the mirror I can see down my top and up my skirt at the same time. I know I am ready for a full day of fun.

My first stop will be the wig shop this will hide my identity just in case I see someone I know, then to get some red-framed sunglasses with mirrored lenses. I get into my 1932 Ford convertible hot-rod, which actually belongs to my lover but he is out of town and doesn't mind if I drive it. The doors are hinged from the opposite side as most conventional cars so when I'm getting in or out of the car anyone can easily see up my skirt. I drive to the local shopping center and park near the wig shop looking around but not seeing anyone I know. However there is a man in his twenties washing the windows of the wig shop and he looks like a good subject for the games to begin. My heart is pounding and there are butterflies in my stomach, my hands are sweating, the car seat is getting wet and my little man is pounding in rhythm with my heartbeat in anticipation.  I grab my purse with the ice packs and rub the points under my top until they are numb. I almost pop while thinking about what I am about to do. His back is to me so I open the car door and follow it with my left leg keeping my right leg in the car. I blow the horn just enough to get his attention, but give a look like itís an accident. I can see him look up my skirt as I step out. As I walk behind him toward the door to the wig shop I can feel his eyes watching my skirt bounce with every step showing the edge of my cheeks. I go into the door and walk in front of him as he stands outside the window looking in. I can feel him staring at me with my still rock hard points as I walk by still with my knees 6 or 8 inches apart.

The honey is flowing like crazy. I can feel it behind my right knee as I walk down the isle toward the fitting table. The sales woman asks if I need help. I find a perfect short blond wig. The window washer works his way down the window on my right. I again utilize my pocketbook after paying for the wig. Still sitting in the swivel chair at the table, I turn my body to face the window washer as if I were ready to get up from my seat while still looking at the sales person. I start talking about the weather. I spread my legs somewhat and started fanning my skirt complaining how hot it was in the store. Each time I raise my skirt I look through the corner of my eye at the window washer starring through the window at my honey spot. My points are rock hard but not from the ice. I'm about to pop even while talking to the clerk, knowing he's watching every move I make, but I can't pop yet. I have to tinkle very badly and I would do both at the same time. I thank the clerk, get up and start down the isle. The window washer is about ten feet from me now. I drop my pocket book, facing him I lean and pick it up while he watches knowing he can see everything down my top. As I rise up I can see the excitement Iíve caused him. It makes my knees weak. I want to pop and tinkle at the same time. But can't standing there in the store, so I think about the bottom print and the honey puddle left in the vinyl chair I just got up from. I leave the wig shop and go down the shopping center a few doors looking, for sunglasses, but knowing I will have to pass the window washer again on the way back to the car. I find the red-framed mirrored sunglasses I want, but think how nice it would be to have small mirrors mounted inside the glasses kind of like rear view mirrors so I can watch people behind me as they watch me.

So I buy some super glue and a small mirror. I'm standing in line at the drug store waiting to check out, thinking about what had just happened rubbing my points with my pocket book. Thinking about how badly I have to tinkle and the honey that is about to wet my socks, I'm starting to do a little pee-pee dance as I'm waiting in the checkout line. I'm the last person in line no one is looking at me except the store manager. So I give him a big stretch with both hands over my head I silently count to five as he watches the points peep out from under my top before bringing my arms down. I glance at him with his mouth wide open and his excitement apparent. So I turn my back to him and drop my keys. I bend over and pick them up knowing he has full view of my honey spot. I look up at the man behind the cash register; it is my turn in line and he is staring down my top while the manager is drooling from behind. I quickly pay. I look back at the manager. He is standing with both hands together in front of him. I must have done a good job. I walk out of the store toward the car. The window washer is putting the last of his gear into the back of his station wagon which is parked right beside my car. He gets into the drivers seat. I motion him to roll the passenger window down which he does halfway. I cross my arms, bend over slightly and rest my arms on the edge of the window glass, uncovering much more than my points and pressing them against the glass at the same time. I ask him if he has a card. He hands me a card without saying a word. I reach to grab the card pressing them even harder against the glass. There is something moving in his lap but I pretend not to notice. I ask if he has good prices as I shift my weight back and forth doing my little dance. He shakes his head as he stares through the glass. I ask if I can sit in his car for a minute while we talk. He nods his head yes. I open the door and get in. He starts the motor and the a/c. The radio is on low. I still have to tinkle so bad. I have to let it go soon. He asks where my shoes are. I tell him they hurt my feet so I took them off. I turn slightly sideways in the seat to give him a close up of what he had seen earlier as I adjust the ruffles on my socks. My tinkle was slowly slipping out Ė I can't hold it any longer. I can feel the seat getting warm and wet. I tell him that my favorite song is on the radio could he please turn it up louder. I shut my eyes and lean back, and put on my sunglasses, so I can watch him as I fan my skirt to the beat of the music. I can't hold it any longer. I start to pop and tinkle at the same time as I watch through the safety of my mirrored sunglasses as he watches me fanning. If he could have heard me breathing he would have known what was happening but he was too mesmerized with my skirt like a snake charmer and his snake. It lasts until the end of the song. I open the door and get out quickly so he wouldn't have time to turn down the music, and hear the seat or floor squish as I make my exit. Standing between his car and mine I look down in his lap before he drives off. It appears that nearly the same thing happened to him at the same time.