The Journey of Ones
by Poindexter Pomperoy

Chapter 1

It was 6 am on April 9th 2004; my wife and I decided to go to a theme park for the week. It was a calm and cool morning temperature 49 degrees; the high was supposed to be 70 that day. Still a little chilly for the season but lover girl insisted we needed an adventure. The kids were visiting relatives and we had the week off so why not? Lover girl had packed our bags Friday night and put them in the car. We were planning to stay until Sunday week. Lover girl asked if I minded driving the six-hour drive. She said she wanted to relax and enjoy some champagne during the drive down.

Although it was a bit early for champagne, she’d had a very busy week and that was the least I could do. I noticed when she got in the car, she was wearing an old white dress shirt of mine that was missing a few buttons – the shirt had been washed many, many times and was very thin. I could see her black bathing suit top through it. She was barefoot. I thought it was a little chilly to be barefoot, but little more of it, she often goes places with out shoes even in the snow if she won't be getting out of the car, and after all we were going to the theme park for the week and she did have things packed away in the trunk. But the old clothes were still kind of puzzling, even the bathing suit she had on wasn't her new one, she is very smart and often did things spur of the moment to amuse or surprise me or makes elaborate plans that drive me wild. For you see lover girl loves me dearly, she knows all the little things that go on inside my head and how to please me. So without any question I went along for ride.

So off we go on our six-hour trip. Lover girl opened up her champagne and drank a glass while we were still in town. I told her we had to stop for gas and ice for her little cooler. She suggested a certain gas station that had a rest room several miles away. While driving the re she told me she had been thinking about our trip and decided to give it a name: "The Journey Of Ones". She explained that this was our first getaway since our marriage. This was my first time going to this theme park. It was the first day of April. You know this was the first time I'd felt totally free without a care in the world uninhibited without any fear and not worried at all what anyone thought. To celebrate all of these firsts or ones I thought our entire journey should be about ones.

We pulled into the gas station. I asked her to buy some ice while she was inside using the bathroom, while I filled the car with gas. She first went in and got ice, filled her little cooler and put her champagne on ice.

The bathroom was on the side of the building and she asked me to drive over and meet her there. When she returned the sun was at her back and I could see through the white shirt; the bathing suit was gone and was not in her hand. She had left it in the rest room. When she got in the car, I pretended not to notice even though the missing button s exposed the areas of the missing suit. She poured another glass of champagne propped her feet up on the dash pressing her toes into the windshield hyper extending her feet bringing attention to her high insteps {she knew this would get to me}. I pretended not to notice as I drove down the road. I remained quiet to see where all of this was leading.

I was aroused but still able to maintain control of the car. She said, “I'm only wearing one piece of clothing, and I didn't pack any clothes for me at all, only makeup, jewelry, and toiletries. So if you want me to wear something besides this shirt you will have to buy it for me. I'll wear anything you buy me, no matter what it is, but keep in mind, I'm only going to own and wear one article of clothing at a time this entire trip so if you buy me something to replace this shirt the shirt stays wherever I get the next article of clothing after all this is the journey of ones so I can only own one piece of clothing at a time.”

Like I said she knows how to get to me! As I was driving down the road my mind raced with possibilities, only one article of clothing, whatever I buy, no matter what it was no matter how sheer, no matter how short wow Lover Girl must really trust me! I wondered if this excited her as much as it did me. It sure had kept my attention!! As we were driving along she rubbed her right instep on her left knee and asked, “Have you thought of something for me to wear yet?” She gathered her shirttail into her lap with both hands as she touched herself and arched her back turning sideways in the seat facing me putting her right foot on the dash close to my line of view of the road.

She asked, “Do you like this color polish or should I paint them another shade of red?”

I answered, “You look great in any color but I especially like fire engine red. Let’s buy you something to wear first!”

“OK,” she said.

Looking down the road ahead of me I spotted a tourist trap kind of place. I pulled into the parking lot. The place looked deserted with only one car out front. I told her to wait in the car while I saw if anyone was in there. I went in and there was only one older lady behind the counter I spotted some Virginia is for lovers T-shirts and sweat shirts. I went to the front door of the shop got lover girl’s attention and waved her to come inside. I didn't really expect her to come in but she looked around and got out holding her shirt where there were missing buttons at her chest. Bare-footed and with a sneaky grin on her face she followed me into the shop. She turned down the first aisle. The lady behind the counter only saw her head as we went down the aisle where I found the sweat shirts and tee shirts. I pointed out the Virginia is for lovers sweat shirt, she turned and spotted a bathing suit cover up that had a very colorful small pattern and small holes much like a loose crochet.

She asked, "Don't you like this better?"

I moved my lips but nothing came out... I was so stunned by her need to please me.

She unbuttoned and dropped her shirt in the store, standing there totally nude and said, "Or do you prefer this," only wearing a smile...

She slowly put on the new robe and tied the drawstrings in the front. She said, "What do you think?" {If I looked closely and stared I could see through the mesh.}

"Perfect," I said. We went to the check out to pay. She held out her arm to the lady behind the counter so she could scan the tag. As I paid, the lady asked, "Do you want a bag?"

Lover Girl began to take off her cover up robe as the lady grabbed a shopping bag. She stopped before exposing herself and said, "Come to think of it, if I put this in a shopping bag I might get chilly, I'll just wear it." As we left the store, I could tell she was trying her best to mess with me and it was working. As we walked to the car in the sunlight I could see her silhouette and the sun shining through her robe. I could tell that she was quite pleased with herself. I'd never seen her so self-confident before! It could be because of her recent weight loss, she does look really good, or perhaps it was just her desire to please me.

As we walked slowly to the car to avoid stepping on any small rocks, I pulled her close to me and told her how much I loved her. I opened the car door for her. She turned to face me and sat on the seat. Still facing me she moved one leg into the car and began to fan her robe complaining about the heat buildup in the closed-up car. As she watched me watch her fan, she grinned that grin that told me she was messing with me again. She was driving me crazy with little effort on her part and no one but me had actually seen or knew anything.

I got in the car and she told me she had to do her nails but first she was going to have some more champagne. She poured her third glass and drank it as we headed down the road with still two and a half hours to go. She put her left foot on the dash and began painting her toenails red of course, was there any other color she said.

Then she crossed her right foot over her left knee and painted the rest of her toenails. After she finished she rolled down the window and hung both legs out the window to dry her nails. This made me wish I was riding in a car beside me to watch the show. After about 15 minuets of riding she said they must be dry by now. She brought her feet inside as she spun around in the seat. “Feel how hot they are,” she said as she pressed the bottom of her right foot against the side of my face while I was driving. “The ice in the cooler will cool them off,” she said as she moved the cooler with the champagne. “I'm going to see how long I can keep them in the cooler the ice will feel sooooo... good,” she said as she slipped one foot at a time into the icy water. “Oooooohhhhhh it makes me tingle, you know where,” she said.

I heard the ice rattling in the cooler as she repositioned her feet in the icy water. I was liking this way too much she said. And I tried to determine if those were her thoughts or mine.

So I turned up the heat a little on the temperature control of the car. She poured her forth glass of champagne emptying the bottle at the same time rattling the ice some more. Then she opened the glove box and pulled out an Oriental-looking box covered in silk. She opened it. There were two ball-shaped depressions in the bottom of the box where a pair of the largest ben-wah balls I'd ever seen must have been laying.

She said, “Look what I've graduated to! I've been practicing and this is the final set. I can hold the smaller size in all day. These are a lot bigger and should be more fun. I put them in this morning before we left. Between the champagne, the ben-wah balls, and messing with you I'm feeling very amorous. You’re going to have to stop soon. I need to tinkle and I need another bottle of champagne.” And she rattled the ice with her feet.

She said, "You know I don't normally go bare-footed so you need to stop someplace that I can walk on a smooth clean surface. Between the champagne and the ice they are a little bit numb and I don't want them to be sore tomorrow because I've walked on rocks or rough concrete.”

I told her I had already thought of that and not to worry. Keep in mind I could usually talk her into stuff but she’d come up with this all on her own. I'd never seen her so bold and free. I wasn’t sure if she really liked having her feet in the icy water or not but it sure was getting to me! The first question most people might ask was what was she up to? She must have been after something, but knowing her like I do, I knew she is all about pleasing someone and it isn't herself. I wasn’t sure if the story was true about the ben-wah balls, but as she knew the thought of it was the turn-on not necessarily the act. Either way it had the same effect and she knew that.

She said, “You know you can see through this robe if you stare for a few seconds. You're going to have to go in with me when we stop and keep people from staring long enough to see anything or do you care if they see?” This question was really putting me on the spot and I wasn’t not sure how to answer, what if she was proud of her new body and wanted to show it off; perhaps the champagne was helping her release her inhibitions to do what she’d always fantasized to do, whatever that was. Perhaps flirt with strangers who will never see her again and then just walk away pretending like she didn't know they could see through anything. Or perhaps she would like it if I just watched her play her game with people. Or was she doing all of this for me to see what I would do and how protective I was of her. Or was she just simply trying to turn me on not really wanting anyone to see? I wasn’t sure how to answer the question.

So I told her, “This is the journey of ones right? For the first time worry about what you want. Tell me what you want me to do. I’ll go in a minute or two before you do, and just watch or go in with you and stare at the people who try to watch you or do I just wait in the car?”

She answered, “Let’s look at the place we are stopping at first and then I'll decide.”

No matter what the outcome was it would truly get to me no matter what she chose.

We drove quite a ways perhaps 20 minuets looking for a nice looking place to stop without a lot of cars and smooth pavement. She pulled her feet out of the ice water . They were pink she said, “Feel my feet; they feel so nice and cold and wet.” I noticed that she was shivering a little. I asked her if she was alright. “Yes,” she replied, “that is what I was trying to do when I shiver the ben-wah balls tap together vibrating you know where.” She reached in the back seat and grabbed a towel and put it in the floor and used one foot to dry the other.

I finally found a place to stop. It was a convenience store with only one car in front and a place to park beside the building so she could get out on the curb and just walk around front and in. She asked, “Have you ever heard of foot jewelry? It is beads and elastic with little dangles, if you didn't know better you might think that I was wearing scandals, let me show you.” She said,” I can't wear more than one article of clothing the whole weekend and some places may require shoes so this foot jewelry will allow me to go in anywhere I like.” They looked like ankle bracelets with beaded extensions that crossed the top of her feet and went around her second toe, it also had little bangles dangling all the way around her ankle with one little dangle touching the top of her insteps. The jewelry really brought attention to her pretty feet, both with the shininess and the movement of the beads as she walked, again she got my attention. She put on her foot jewelry, she said wait here, she took some money from her purse, and got out. I lost sight of her as she went around the corner of the building to the front of the store. The store had windows next to my car I could see in, looking to my right through the passenger window and through the window of the store. She walked in quickly and straight to the ladies room I kept watching the bathroom door. She came out and walked quickly to the wine cooler. She stood there for a while looking at the champagne not like she was on a mission but like she was up to something. There was a skinny young guy behind the counter with glasses watching her as she stood there in front of the different varieties of wine seemingly trying to make up her mind as to which one to buy. I could tell she was up to something when I saw her look over at me and at the person behind the counter who was some 20 feet away. She knew we were both watching her but at that distance neither one of us could see through her robe. Keep in mind this robe was very short leaving very little to the imagination. Then she did it. She dropped her money, turned her back to the guy at the counter without bending her knees she bent over and picked up the money off the floor and pretended to fumble it several times now turning her back to me as she bent over for the final retrieval to pick up her money, as if to show me what she was up to. She raised up as if nothing had happened reached in the wine cooler grabbed a bottle of champagne and took it to the check. The guy behind the counter was still standing there with his mouth open and a dazed look on his face as she handed him the money. He said nothing as he put her champagne in a bag and gave her change for a twenty instead of charging her for her purchase telling her thank you have a nice day. Admittedly this excited me somewhat but we laughed hysterically for quite some time after she returned to the car and told me this was the first time she’d ever mooned anyone and that she felt like it was appropriate on the journey of ones.