Handle With Care
by Phoebegetsit

It all happened quite subtly while they were making love. He was kissing her bottom and as he parted her cheeks, he flicked her little flower with his tongue. ‘Mmm,’ she said. They finished as usual, her a sweaty mess and him rolling over to see the end of the game. The next day, she thought about the little caress, and the next time he was inside her, she said, ‘If you wash your hands, you can feel around in there a little.’ He looked surprised, but jumped up and over to the sink. Sitting on him, she said, "OK, now reach around and put your finger in gently and feel yourself on the other side." The effect on her Kegel muscles and his dick was intense, and after a pleasurable interlude, she slept through the night without, as often happened, waking up involuntarily at 3 am to poke at her phone or watch Leave It To Beaver in Spanish.

The next day he came home with a little secret in his pocket, and that night as they were going through the motions, he lubed it and slipped it into her anal cavity. ‘Ouch, what's that?’ she said.

"It's a little steel butt plug with a jewel on the end, it makes you pretty." He felt the immediate effect and knew that it had been worth giving up his lunch hour to make the trip to the sex shop off the freeway in the seedy part of town.

‘I could get used to this,’ she thought.

He handed her a small package on her birthday, which she tore open. Njoy, the box announced. "Ooh," she said, "And am I going to enjoy this?"

He just grinned. Opening it, she pulled out the gleaming steel plug and turned it over in her hand. "It's heavy," she said.

"That's the point," he said. "You can wear that all day and it's specially shaped to turn your tight little butt into a comfy amusement park."

They went upstairs, and he produced a plastic anal syringe and some lube and showed her how to prepare the way.

"Does the little handle go up or down?" she asked.

"You have to try it both ways and see what works," was the reply.

"It hurts going in," she said, "I'll have to give it a chance and see how it goes."

So for the next week or two, she showered and experimented when she came home from work, at first for a few minutes, but as time went by she was wearing it through dinner, TV time and her new enthusiasm for penetration, and soon the little toy was joined by her almost forgotten BenWa balls, and the three, or was it four, of them were going on little errands in the car, discovering the new pleasure of driving over potholes. The little stretch as she pulled the plug in and out was becoming a lot more tolerable, and she had discovered that she could wear it dry, which made her smart a little more but eliminated the inevitable trickle of lube which left telltale stains on the back of her dresses and the seat of her pants. She decided to reward her lover, and made an appointment for an anal bleaching.

At Christmas he handed her another box. "That was the medium, size," he said, "But it's time to graduate."

"OK," she said, but the little stretch was now a bigger one and she inevitably ended up using the smaller plug.

Then, shortly after the New Year, she broke a tooth on a piece of candy. She called her dentist, who agreed to see her right away. 'This pain is awful,’ she thought, ‘Maybe the larger plug will distract me.’ She pumped some lube into her ass with the little syringe and followed it with the plug, which she pushed hard to get it inside. She was relieved when her sphincter finally closed around it, and she slipped a panty liner between her legs, to mitigate leakage.

‘Now I can't feel the tooth as much,’ she thought, as she got into the car and backed out of the garage. The larger handle seemed to dig into her cheeks just a little more, but she decided it would be fine. Then as she sat in the chair with the dentist's assistant fussing with the instruments, she realized that the handle was causing her quite a lot of distress courtesy of the angle at which she was sitting. There was some relief when she finally reclined, but now the burning sensation around her anal entrance was starting to make her really uncomfortable, and she realized that she was going to be trapped in this position for about an hour.

Finally, the tooth was finished and she said to the assistant, "I have to pee so bad!" and jumped up to make a beeline for the bathroom. She pulled her dress up and her panties down as she sat, and threw the lube soaked liner into the bin. She stood up a little and leaned forward, pulling at the handle, which was slippery, and as she pulled at it and grimaced her rectum protested, but relief was in sight. Suddenly, it came free with a plop, and she lost her grip on the slimy metal, causing the plug to tumble out of her hand and hit the inside of the toilet bowl with a loud crack before falling into the water. Suddenly, her shoes were wet and a little curved piece of the toilet bowl was lying on the floor. A small flood was coming out of the hole, running under the door and out into the passageway . . .

The End

Copyright© 2013 by Phoebegetsit. All rights reserved.