Just Teasin'
by PeterM

Dang it!!! How do I get myself into fixes like this ...

I mean, I like to tease the boys out on the ranch, but this time I think I've gotten myself into a little bit of trouble...

Sam was sittin' on a Hay Bale, workin' on somethin' and of course I had to ask what.

And I had to unbutton my cutoffs just a little, and stick that piece of rye straw in my mouth first so when he looked up I'd distract him just a bit...

"Whatcha workin' on Sam?" I purred, pouring on my East Texas charm...

Sam looked up and got all red and his eyes popped out of his head...

"A ppppigin' string, Miss Brenda..." he stuttered...

"What for... Doncha have enough piggin' strings already?" I smiled.

"Ya never know when one might come in handy, like for tyin' up an outlaw or somethin' like that. Aní besides, this one's for the Rodeo next week. I'm makin' it special, just for that."

I looked at it, leaning down over Sam's knees. And he got red in the face again. I think he might have seen my breasts peakin' out of my top or something, cause he got all nervous an almost dropped it.

It really was fine, all oiled leather braided together. Kind of a short riatta...

"Isn't it a little long?" I asked sweetly.

"Nope," he said, realizing he had something to talk about after all.

"Ya see, it's all oiled and soft and I can coil it easy and hold it between my teeth. Aní when I bulldog that calf, I just whip it out and wrap her up quick as a whistle!!!"

"Aní because of the oil, I can soak it first in water and it's all supple and knots so good!!! Aní the oil keeps it from hardnin' when it dries and makes it so it won't shrink so much!!!"

"But won't it hurt the critter, Sam?"

Sam got up off the Hay and walked over to the water trough and pulled out several of the strings... He handed one to me and said "See!"

I looked at it and felt it. Very soft, almost slippery with the moisture...

"Grab one end, Bren aní I'll grab the other an we'll stretch her out."

The leather stretched wonderfully and all the braiding settled flat and fine. It was a beautiful piece of work.

"But won't it shrink up as it dries?" I asked.

"Not if ya keep it stretched while it's dryin'," he replied, an he showed me them piggin' strings all stretched out from the rafters held down on one end by some old horse shoes. He was such an industrious boy!!!

"But won't it hurt them poor cows?" I asked...

"Nahhh, it wouldn't even hurt a girl," he smiled, and I thought I caught a gleam in his eye...

"Here, let me show ya," he said, and he pushed me down onto a pile of fresh hay...

My hands were behind me in a second and that rawhide was lashed tight an with the end of the string he tied my ankles crossed and tight against my bottom...

"There, Ya see? It don't hurt a bit, don't it?"

And I was all arched and helpless an it did hurt a little, at my hands anyway. But I wasn't gonna be a sissy about it.

He rolled me on my side and I saw something else in his hands. It looked like a horseís bit but it was really a stick with a sort of rawhide harness attached to it. And he must have taken some time searchin' for it and carvin' on it cause it had a sort of a ball in the center with somethin' that would stick into th' horses mouth...

He kissed me, tentatively at first, then harder as I responded with my lips and my tongue.

Like I said, I'm a tease and I love to have fun with th' boys.

He brought that stick up to my face and I saw it clear for the first time...


It looked like... a penis, only made of wood.

Th' next thing it knew it was in my mouth and th' harness was bein' tied around my head as I complained as much as I could, not very much with that thang stickin' in my mouth and ticklin' my tonsils.

"There, ya see? That works pretty good too, don't it?"

"Hllllllphfh." I wasn't really serious about yellin', you understand, but I had to try it out.

It had one more piece that he hadn't showed me yet. Sort of a wide strip of leather that fit over the ends of the stick. He reached into the trough again and pulled it out, all soakin' wet.

He wrung it out so it wouldn't drip on my blouse. Then he stretched it and fitted it over the stick so it plastered itself tight to my face from my nose to my chin. And tied it off in the back so it tightened down tight and smooth and I was REALLY gagged. That penis carvin' was almost makin' me choke but not quite.

It was strange. Like someone had made it just for me!!!

I was shakin' my head from side to side, and up and down too. Just like a horse does when ya first set a bit between their teeth. An then he started tightnin' the rest of the straps, just strings really. Up each side of my nose with a knot just below my eyebrows and another knot at my forehead. And a strap that ran over the top of my head to the ties at the back. And one that ran around like a headband.

I was beginnin' to feel that maybe this was getting out of hand when the final string went around my throat nice an snug an I had to hold my head up a little to keep it from getting tighter.

He pulled down another piggin' string and cinched my elbows back, nice and tight and ran it up over my shoulders so I couldn't wriggle out of it. Then he untied my ankles and hobbled them on a short hobble.

Dang It!!! I was beginnin' to feel like one of them calves of ours about to get branded or somethin'. I struggled a bit but it didn't do any good and I could see by his pants that it pleased Sam a lot to see me like that...

He walked me over to a mirror set up against the wall.

"Hmmppph?" I asked...

"Ohhh we added that just for you, Bren," he replied, "Fred thought you might want to see yourself all tied up!!"

"Frrrddd?" Dang!!!

"He's the one that made the gag. Just for you. He spent three weeks on that thing!!! I must say that it does look rather nice though..."

I looked at my face, all harnessed. The way my nostrils flared and my blue eyes looked bluer and wider than I'd ever seen them before... Yup, I looked nice all right.

There was a stall right there an he hooked my arms up over the top rail an put me up on tiptoes with it digging into my armpits an he got another string and tied them down to the bottom rail.

Then he removed the hobble from my ankles, followed quickly by my cut off shorts.

Now it was my turn to blush as he cut away my blouse and left me in just my panties an bra.

And then tied each ankle wide to that lower rail so I could barely wriggle. And my eyes really WERE wide an my nostrils flared as I tried to tell him "NO!!!"

And as he turned to leave he said:

"Just wait till I go an get Fred!!!"