Party Of Four

by Peter Loaf

Waiting in bondage, by Master tied
Classic the rope work, nothing denied
Stockings and garters, waist cinched inside
Trophygirl subbie, ready to ride

Hard bound and helpless, left all alone
Hot horny subbie, hearing Him phone
Calling his buddies, nipples in cone
Partygirl favor, sins to atone

Pussyhounds playful, three men and me
Struggle hop grunting, trying to flee
Master comes over, thick as a tree
Hard bound and helpless, of guilt I'm free

Dicklickle subbie, waiting for boys
Coming right over, bringing their toys
Sharing His subbie, one of His ploys
Ganging and banging, we do enjoys

Doorbell and knocking, impatient ones
Master reluctant, greasing my buns
subbiegirl ready, under the guns
Three men no waiting, a buncha Huns

Floor show of passion, wiggle and drip
Four hands get busy, quickly they strip
Unpacking their bags, taking a trip
Ready hot subbie, ready to whip

my moon is rising, sticks out behind
my moon inviting, held in a bind
The floggers heavy, they're not unkind
Hot wet n'ready, the subbie find

Fucking and sucking, flogging and fun
The party of four, the fun's begun
High horny helpless, three into one
Three men no waiting . . . the rising sun