Hobbled Handled

by Peter Loaf

Hobbled handled, captured vandal
Windows broken, must be jokin'
Clothing taken, maiden shaken

Leather binding, tightly winding
Elbows pinning, head is spinning
Naked captive, most adaptive

Judgment rendered, simple splendor
Woodshed headed, then be bedded
Six of the best, and then the rest

Crossbar bending, hard hands tending
Moon-flesh rising, appetizing
Bamboo flexing, bottom vexing

Bamboo whistle, inbound missile
Pain exploding, bad its boding
Each cut harder, with more ardor

Six welts rising, agonizing
Screaming crying, moon-flesh frying
Flogging passion, double ration

Pussy dripping, ready ripping
Nostrils smelling, cockmeat swelling
Heartbeats hammer, hardened rammer

Finger fucking, kept on trucking
Bent, presented, welts resented
Meat-stick dripping, sawhorse tipping

Hymen splitting, finger clitting
Deeply thrusting, virgin busting
Passion rising, perfect sizing

Grippin' lippin', slippin' trippin'
Passion dashin', cervix splashin'
Hobbled handled, captured vandal

Hobbled Handled