High Wide and Handsome

by Peter Loaf

Castle on hilltop, shining and white
The Duke defending, might making right
The country destroyed
His thugs deployed
The rebel couple, captured in flight

"High wide and handsome," his hands caress
"Holding for ransom," striping my dress
"Suspended in air"
"So naked and fair"
"Hanging from rafters, six of the best"

My husband watching, tied to a chair
Captives together, the dungeon lair
His eyes glowing hot
We're in a tough spot
Helplessly hanging, hurting and bare

The whipping easy, then getting hard
Kicking and screaming, sanity shard
Dancing string puppet
Pausing to cup it
Bottom stripes burning, the ransom card

"Go get the money, Mr. Murray"
"I'll keep your missus, hot as curry"
"Try nothing tricky"
"Dripping my dickey"
"Her freedom for sale, try to hurry"

Two thugs untie him, sent on his way
Ransom demanded, will take all day
Helplessly hanging
Ready for banging
I am the hostage, I'm here to stay

Time passes quickly, I'm kept busy
His thugs all horny, my head fizzy
I never get down
I'm stretching around
Fucked to a frazzle, in a tizzy

Fucking me slowly, the dirty bum
Moonlight comes washing, still he don't come
"I'll peel your hide"
"Leave nothing to ride"
"Where is my ransom, my princely sum?"

My shoulders aching, my burning rear
Hanging and hurting, riding his spear
The knocking below
It's husband I know
The ransom in hand, bringing him near

"My God you've killed her!"  Husband exclaim
My body bleeding, a well used dame
Pain/pleasure lessons
Pain/pleasure sessions
Changing forever, won't be the same

Cut down and ransomed, held tight in hug
Husband caressing, I'm safely snug
The breaking of dawn
Our fortune is gone
New day awakened, the tidal tug

Castle behind us, erupting pile
The Duke defeated, by rebel guile
Day of detention
Kept his attention
Powder room blowing, tunneled a mile

Bondage my Master, it grips me still
Giving up Power, giving up Will
Letting it happen
No guilt to dampen
Hardbound and helpless, my bill to fill