by Peter Loaf


The market crashes, the dollars fall
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, the casting call
Marketers wanted
Tokyo vaunted
The trap is snapping, the fates befall


Met at the airport, smiling chauffer
Back of the limo, serving liquor
Sleepy time slipping
Her clothing ripping
Waking up naked, grinning gopher


Protesting treatment, taser applied
Hardbound and helpless, her dying pride
Sub-basement taken
Her life forsaken
Company asset, ready to ride


A time of training, learning new trade
Her life of freedom, starting to fade
Sexy slave playing
Customers paying
Cock-sucking fucking, her name is jade


Concubine corporate, deep underground
Flesh market asset, her place newfound
Businessmen visit
Passions exquisite
Submissive servant, so tightly bound


American client, hung like a mule
Cock sucking fucking, a business tool
Her whispered pleading
Her rescue needing
Punishments earning, the broken rule


The lash comes snapping, writhing in pain
Passions exploding, pleading in vain
Hanging and hurting
Hot urine squirting
Subbie submissive, her spreading stain


Training completed, ready for sale
American pussy, sweet piece of tail
A contract for crude
Businessmen shrewd
The Yen replacing, the dollars fail