Working Girl
by Peter Loaf

Away on business, left on my own
Hard tied and hopeful, nipples in cone
Lusty wench waiting
Twin toys vibrating
Horny Iím hopping, holding the phone

The endless hours, darkness complete
The clothesline holding, sitting my seat
My plugs vibrating
Working girl waiting
His clitty splitter, keeping the beat

The sunbeam creeping, the passing time
High horny hostage, dripping my slime
My bondage is tight
Robbed of my sight
My need for peeing, his tricks sublime

Mumble bitch grumble, nothing to do
Working girl helpless, Ďtis nothing new
My Master in charge
Heís big as a barge
Waiting for mating, smelling my phew

The leather soaking, I canít hold still
Hard-tied I wiggle, my Masterís will
The splitter splitting
The dildos fitting
G spot vibrating, endless idyll

His footsteps coming, out on the walk
The door unlocking, hearing him talk
A friend heís bringing
Sanity clinging
Hard bound and helpless, canít even squawk

A nipple pinching, pulled to my feet
Hopping I follow, gag muffled bleat
The dildos within
Let passions begin
Bippy stick whistle, my bottom beat

Blinded and hobbled, bent over chair
Bippy stick stinging, hurting me there
My crotch rope loosened
My Pussy juiciní
Dildo replacing, stump broken mare

A meaty phallus, a faceless fuck
Itís not my Masterís, starting to truck
My pussy warming
My passion storming
Hard bound and helpless, working girlís luck

Gripping and stripping, screaming for more
Working girl coming, His perfect whore
Mind blanking passion
My chips Iím cashiní
My cervix drenching, a perfect score

Limply withdrawing, bubble and drips
Master my Master, my hips he grips
Thrusting and lusting
Bound subbie trusting
Bigger and better, into me slips

Riding His pony, gripping His staff
Passion storm blowing, a storm tossed raft
Bound and presented
Nothing resented
Working girl serviced, driving me daft

After itís over, left on the floor
My Master showing, his friend the door
Post coital bliss-ing
Bippy stick kissing
Master my Master, ready for more?

Working Girl