Witch Ride
by Peter Loaf

My broomstick flying, without the broom
Hung up so helpless, without the zoom
Party tray favor
Morsel to savor
Witch in the dungeon, the crack of doom

My broomstick handle, tied under gut
Other half nestled, sealing me shut
The careful roping
The end of hoping
Tied by an expert, ready to rut


Tippy-toe dancing, hung over rod
Arms up behind me, the dirty sod
Witch hunter training
The witch restraining
Zealot believers, bloodthirsty god

My broomstick crippled, can’t fly away
Barring my pussy, no sex today
Hung up and hurting
Pussy juice squirting
Nipples extending, feelings betray

My nightly flying, aerial thrills
Riding the moonlight, charmed against chills
Swooping and looping
The godly snooping
Naked orgasmic, my passion fills

Trapped in the netting, crashing to ground
Bunged in a barrel, coming around
To basement taken
Their faith unshaken
A witch to question, gag garbled sound

Hung up and hurting, nothing to say
Naked and helpless, witch hunter play
Flogging my bottom
Smoke if you got’em
The party starting, no more delay

Nipple tips harden, knowing their fate
The broomstick barring, my randy state
The cracker snapping
My passion trapping
Bent and presented, the garden gate

Nipple pinch squirming, tip-toeing dance
Tormentor sporting, bulge in his pants
Pheromones pouring
Fingers exploring
Clitty drip harvest, rough trade romance

“Come get it over, stop wasting time!”
Nipple pinch painful, the dirty slime
Confessions coerced
Won’t be the first
Subbie space flooding, subbie sublime

The bamboo bending, pinning my clit
Blocking my vulva, back where I shit
Pussy drip staining
There’s no explaining
Subbie hot lusting, shorn of my wit

Nipple clips hanging, twin little fires
Nipples extending, inverted spires
Squirming and squealing
Passion revealing
Devil’s lust proving, the godly liars

Magic remaining, the phallic broom
Pussy lips gripping, bride with her groom
Passion storm rising
It’s super-sizing
Orgasms crashing, bing bada boom

Nipple weights swinging, coming aware
Still in possession, my hurting pair
Sanity slipping
Post coital dripping
The priest returning, he’s on the stair

Vibrator humming, added to mix
Pussy stick buzzing, and other tricks
Pussy still oozing
Ready for cruising
Passion prize claiming, getting my licks

The magic phallus, the witches ride
The priest determined, a point of pride
Vibrator rattle
Winning the battle
The dance demented, dogma applied

The bippy whistles, setting me strait
Bottom stripes burning, adding their weight
Shudder kick wiggle
Soft titties jiggle
My sins repented, never too late

Confession session, me and the priest
My pyre waiting, witch burning feast
My tonsils gripping
His organ dripping
The Holy Father, ravaging beast