White Squaw

by Peter Loaf

Wagon train trekking, walking along
Safety in numbers, part of a throng
The tree studded plains
In springtime it rains
Nightfall we’re stopping, the trail so long

Fresh water fetching, a heavy pail
The tree lined river, beyond the pale
Stripped to my slip
A quick river dip
The stink I’m cleaning, no watching male

Trail Master’s orders, “Never alone!”
Running swift current, chilled to the bone
A swept away maid
I never got laid
Drowning I tumble, head hitting stone

Coughing my lungs out, a grassy bank
Rescued reviving, my God I thank
My vision clearing
Trail Master fearing
Naked Sioux warrior, his swelling shank

My wrists he’s binding, behind my back
A gag he’s tying, he has the knack
My head still spinning
On face he’s pinning
Not rescued, taken, head in a sack

Stumble tug shuffle, barefoot and blind
The noose on my neck, my captor unkind
We’re climbing a hill
Wet shivering chill
Hand bound and hopeless, the tightest bind

Gunshots in distance, search party out
My captor grunting, Indian scout
Picked up and carried
The rabbit harried
Warrior strong reaching, his waiting mount

Riding up double, hands bound behind
His hard dripping prick, my fingers find
His hands slip under
My sense of wonder
Body betrays me, my passion primed

Two hours at gallop, the gunshots fade
My funeral holding, some trail-side glade
My fate decided
To captor bride-ed
White Squaw addition, his fruitful raid

Full darkness stopping, the sack taken
Forest around us, dark forsaken
Tied for the night
His knots so tight
Firelight flickers, dripping bacon

Mouth water drooling, tummy grumble
Kneeling half naked, captive humble
Hand fed young maiden
Fear slowly fadin’
Two hungers raging, fingers fumble

White Squaw

Homespun and ragged, my oldest slip
Nippletips perking, his dripping tip
My captor a man
I’m hatching a plan
Pretending to please, feigning friendship

Hogtied and helpless, watching him come
Licking lips ready, smelling of rum
Captor a savage
Body to ravage
Honeymoon hardness, dripping pre-cum

High wet and ready, maiden aware
My cherry throbbing, my aching pair
Tremble twitch shaking
Fingernails raking
Body blush spreading, under his care

Sliding beneath me, upstanding club
My pussy open, he stops to rub
I’m panting in need
Libido freed
Mastered and ready, thumb on my nub

Slowly he lowers, spearing my pie
Hymen blood spurting, never say die
Pain passion knowing
Passion juice flowing
Virgin slit opened, my helpless cry

Riding his pony, phallus red skin
Pleasures providing, red pussy in
Griping in passion
Captor quite dashin’
Slave honey gushing, clenching within

A time of floating, foggy pink haze
The squaw well serviced, left in a daze
White squaw deserted
Red man perverted
Left here as warning, couple of days

Wagon train trekking, Oregon trail
No trespassing sign, tethered female
Given up for dead
But taken ahead
Well fucked and naked, telling the tale