Whip Song
by Peter Loaf

The castle ancient, the Danube near
The whip song singing, biting her rear
Two horny people, her falling tear
Pain/pleasure party, their purpose clear

The whip thong stinging, exquisite pain
The dungeon echoes, screaming in vain
Wrists roped to rafters, the slave detain
Dancing in passion, her spreading stain

Pussy juice frothing, nipples in cone
Her Master skillful, they two alone
His organ growing, stiff as a bone
Her rose is open, sins to atone

Unfaithful lover, confessing crime
Her sins are many, her sins sublime
Her Master patient, taking his time
Her bottom burning, her bells to chime

Subbie space voyager, naked and hot
Pussy lips parted, need him a lot
Her bottom flogging, her running snot
Subbie space lover, taking her shot

Dancing in circles, kicking her feet
Screaming and needing, smelling so sweet
Master comes checking, touching her seat
Tickle touch teasing, defeat complete

Standing behind her, spreading her cheeks
Zipper unzipping, her anus seeks
Hard organ probing, her nipples tweaks
Thrusting and lusting, the subbie squeaks

Flying united, master and slave
Fingers find pussy, her aching cave
Rocking and reaming, the skilful knave
Clitty touch tickle, his subbie rave

Bedchamber cuddle, witch hazel rub
Moonlight on river, sharing hot tub
Her bottom burning, sucking his club
Mission accomplished, most happy sub