Whalebone and Leather
by Peter Loaf

The costume party, Sugar and spice
Master and mistress, looking so nice
Daddy’s sweet lollie, paying the price
Naked slave showing, casting the dice

Collar/gag stiffened, shoulders to chin
Penis gag filling, the fun begin
My elbows wracking, binding cord thin
My wrists he’s binding, I’ll never win

Thumb cuffs and shackles, complete the prep
Whalebone and leather, my stillness kept
Bippy stick singing, my nipples get
Welted and swollen, in stillness set

Sugar performing, before the crowd
The naked attraction, sitting unbowed
Hogtied and collared, ears ringing loud
Under His bippy, welted and proud

The show is over, Witch Hazel time
Back to the cottage, its His and mine
Sugar and spicy, feeling so fine
Left in the collar, new heights to climb

Whalebone and Leather