by Peter Loaf

The castle garden, the moonlit night
The princess waiting, the ropes so tight
Her pussy riding
There’ll be no hiding
Passion dance shuffle, her helpless plight

A distant howl, shivering fear
Her nipples harden, her time is near
Her nubbin rubbing
Ankle ropes snubbing
Pussy lips dripping, trickling tear

The moonlight dapples, the cooze rope rough
The princess waiting, showing her stuff
Sacrifice waiting
The werewolf baiting
King’s men concealed, but close enough?

A quiet snuffle, a sudden snort
A shadow shifting, a gun’s report
Dark lanterns open
The Princess hopin’
A guardsman’s screaming, sudden cut short

The victim bloody, his throat torn out
The werewolf clever, a second shout
Their trap he’s turning
The guards not learning
Another victim, the seeds of doubt

The princess watching, passion restrained
Her gag blocked pleading, princess detained
Passion scent spreading
Ready for bedding
The silver bullets, the cooze rope strained

One by one taken, the guards expire
The werewolf clever, their un-aimed fire
The last one running
The wolf too cunning
The princess waiting, her furry sire

He comes from shadows, covered in gore
His victims scattered, this final chore
Ready and waiting
Ready for mating
Pheromones flowing, from every pore

Snuffle lick nuzzle, pussy juice drip
The princess creaming, heart beating skip
The cooze rope broken
Her final token
Her sex exposing, subbie space trip

His dewclaws gripping, his crimson tool
Her pussy swollen, father a fool
Spread-eagle binding
His organ finding
Passionate princess, losing her cool

His organ swelling, stretching her wide
The royal succession, his bitch is tied
The princess panting
His puppies planting
Filling her vulva, high up inside

The Royal bloodline, the werewolf seed
The prince-ling puppies, the princess treed
Her passion rising
His penis prizing
Hardbound and helpless, her nation’s need

The werewolf howls, the deed is done
The princess screaming, they’re joined as one
High in His towers
Feeble King cowers
His line is strengthened, the race is won