Weekend Slave
by Peter Loaf

A sex shop visit, some bondage stuff
My boyfriend puzzled, “You like it ruff?”
His features twisted
Double pump fisted
The boy has promise, but Man enough?

Leather inventions, restraining slaves
Hands on thigh helpless, leg spreader staves
My new nipple clamps
Twin burning lamps
Finding my subbie, back to the caves

First a good blowjob, talented tongue
He fucks my tonsils, gasping begun
My head feeling light
Black floaters in sight
Gag garble gasping, might be the one

What was limp swinging, hard as a cane
His dick delicious, his rising crane
Magic flute tooting
Two people suiting
Master and subbie, playing our game

Hand bound handmaiden, Mastered in fact
Rolled in position, my sex attack
My dreams coming true
My bubbling stew
Pleasure comes slipping, my sugar shack

For mercy screaming, smile on my face
Riding His pony, my happy place
I can’t stop it now
I wouldn’t know how
Orgasmic weekend, my subbie space

Helpless in harness, slave without shame
Passion’s gate opened, our bondage game
My subbie in lust
The dam’s gonna bust
FUCK ME MY MASTER! my words of shame

The awful knowledge, thin plaster walls
My secret sharing, up and down halls
Orgasmic virgin
My boyfriend surgin’
From city moving, the west coast calls.

My boyfriend taking, he’s good at this
Too much time wasted, post coital kiss
Bit gag He buckles
As deeply He chuckles
“Topping from bottom? Orgasmic bliss

Weekend in bondage, scream all I want
The neighbors knocking, pheromones fount
I tell them the truth
I’m rude and uncouth

Weekend Slave