Wedding Night Upright
by Peter Loaf

Wedding night happy, my shining knight
Second wife foolish, and none too bright
The rich are stranger
There is the danger
Standing in dungeon, flickering light

Bridal night virgin, curtain of fog
Shyly in walking, he’s all agog
But then exchanging
Tiger un-caging
His eyes were glowing, a feral dog

My strength was nothing, binding my wrists
A gag of wadding, a wire twists
Wedding night captured
Hubby enraptured
To dungeon dragging, he has a list

Pinion bolts capture, up go my hands
My wrists are hostage, tight steel bands
My hubby gloating
My fear emoting
His conquest complete, fruit of his plans

In flickering shadow, standing alone
My nightgown nothing, chilled to the bone
Deep in the cellars
Some scary fellers
Hubby’s game keepers, nipples in cone

My gown is lifted, draped over head
My pussy swollen, ready for bed
Tickle touch toying
Their tricks deploying
Cane whistles chilling, bottom soon red

My body displayed, a work of art
My bondage total, right from the start
Their dirty leering
My cherry fearing
Pony cock thrusting, ripping apart

The other behind, fingers of grease
My other vulva, taking his ease
Double fucked virgin
Their semen surging
My muscles milking, needing to please

Hubby’s voice orders, out of the dark
“The branding iron, I’ll make my mark”
My nightgown shredding
Night of my wedding
My hubby potent, horse in the park

Keepers dismissing, his eyes turn red
The iron heating, the fire fed
My body naked
To pillars staked
Cherry red charcoal, my tummy lead

Strap on my ankle, lifting my leg
High kicking balance, I try to beg
Inner thigh branding
Roughly demanding
Pony cock filling, my powder keg

Wedding night upright, oh foolish dame
Gold digger accused, name of his game
Confessions coerced
In evil immersed
Life in his dungeon, slave girl to tame

Wedding Night Upright