Wait Here
by Peter Loaf

Package delivered, box full of girl
Signing the invoice, my precious pearl
My heart is pounding
My bottom sounding
To table hoisted, let her uncurl

Three hours transit, keeping so still
Naked in public, fantasies fill
Getting out slowly
There’s something holy
Subbie lust steaming, and looks that kill

Wait Here

Taken to toilet, needing to pee
Her hands I’m taping, ankle and knee
On bed she’s flopping
She’s hot for topping
Elbows and shoulders, too late to flee

“Wait here my darling, I shall return”
“Some guys want to meet, money you’ll earn”
I walk toward the door
She’s screaming before
My boxers stuffing, third degree burn

A spanking giving, to set the tone
The bedroom leaving, follow my bone
A penthouse on park
Stay out until dark
My subbie subbing, nipples in cone

My cameras tracking, watching her stew
Frustration raging, screaming ‘til blue
My Ipod on stream
She dripping her cream
Soon she’ll be ready, for something new

Flopping fish wiggle, inches to gain
The tape she’s straining, to point of pain
Kicking feet pulling
Her needs fulfilling
Leg lowered leverage, carpet to gain

Flopping on carpet, knees chin and chest
Inching to bathroom, effort invest
Escape if she’s able
Scissors on table
Needing releasing, finger-fuck-fest

Frustrated subbie, table leg kick
Scissors not falling, to table stick
Flopping down sideways
Her pussy displays
The table toppled, time for her prick

On scissors stepping, her fingers hurt
Her bottom smacking, my leather quirt
Nipple bells threading
“Time for your bedding”
Dragging by ankles, subbie lust squirt

Fixed in position, collar and chain
The doorbell ringing, wet spreading stain
The frat boys filming
Her pussy filling
Gag banging party, subbie detained

Wait Here