Wait For It
by Peter Loaf

My Masterís orders, waiting I am
Spread wet and ready, girl in a jam
Pinned in the middle
Hours to fiddle
Eros intended, dining on clam

Master and Mistress, my double team
PD and Molly, frequent wet dream
The Terrible Two
A strong heady brew
Pussy lips swelling, dripping sweet cream

The fans are gathered, internet bowl
Thousands pay plenty, in money roll
I watched it myself
Still on the shelf
Fingertips busy, selling my soul

Darkest desires, needing release
Eighteen and virgin, smelling like cheese
Laying here waiting
Open for dating
Easy chairs watching, oh shit oh please

Informed consenting, contract I signed
Slave girl assuming, storming my mind
Ball gag beginning
Body suit skinning
Ropes taking over, girl in a bind

The cameras focus, panic filled eyes
Diamond hard nipples, fifty cent size
Pussy juice dripping
Two fingers dipping
My lust fires burning, needing my prize

Molly comes strutting, Mistress petit
jenny her partner, singing so sweet
Clitty emerging
Subbie submerging
Wet spread and ready, cherry-pop treat

Footstool positioned, gleam in her eye
Cameraman closing, my oyster pie
Speculum freezing
My vulva seizing
Maiden head showing, gag garbled cry

Left on my lonesome, speculum in
My hymen intact, party begin
My pussy gaping
Speculum shaping
My hymen guarding, darkness within

Always intended, never got done
The guys were eager, then I would run
Back walking spider
Nothing insider
Prick teasing virgin, under the gun

Wanted a Master, fantasy man
But fearing to trust, dangerous plan
Experience wanted
Wet dreaming haunted
Needy girl going, Moll Flanders land

Treated so gentle, interview long
My answers honest, singing my song
My virgin young slit
My need to submit
My fear of the stranger, of guessing wrong

Molly and jenny, ten years on net
Never a problem, the safest bet
And Molly agrees
Iím eager to please
Cockslinger mentioned, starting to wet

PD the Master, known far and wide
Damsels distressing, expertly tied
A taste for cherry
For cash and carry
His pony growing, wonít be denied

Helplessly waiting, spread eagle tie
Wrist ropes and ankles, wide open pie
The crescent within
Stretching so thin
Buzzer on button, trying to fly

Speculum closing, jenny to lick
jenny plays Dizzy, her trumpet trick
Pd stands patient
His eyes look ancient
Molly comes flogging, flutter and kick

Subbie-lust raging, flesh like a flame
Spread wet and ready, phallus to tame
My Master standing
His cock demanding
Waiting soon over, joining the game

His hot tip touching, wiggle away
Hard habit breaking, in place I stay
A slow gentle push
My sudden hot gush
Hymen asunder, passionís display

Pinned like a beetle, phallus drives deep
Four tethers creaking, iím His to keep
Love muscle stretching
Orgasm fetching
Jenny sings opera, The Loverís Leap

After itís over, cuddling need
Molly and jenny, appetites feed
A trip up the stairs
Their land without cares
Three women party, my pussy freed

Back home in Kansas, bag full of cash
Mountain Man calling, learning the lash
Pony Girl training
Itís tough explaining
Subbie-lust fucking, my dripping gash

Wait For It