Waddle Puss
by Peter Loaf

A party popping, above my head
Loud music pounding, lying in bed
My patience at end
My rights Iíll defend
My robe and slippers, time somethingís said

Half way up staircase, my second think
My courage failing, I need a drink
Softly Iím knocking
Pause in the talking
Door opens careful, the rolling stink

Pot party perverts, sex party too
Slaves in tight bondage, never a clue
I turned and I ran
Bumped into a man
Strong arm behind me, pushing me through

My robe removing, my body bared
I tried to struggle, and no one cared
A bean gag stuffing
My protests snuffing
A slave girlís panties, my tits ensnared

Ropes on my elbows, pulling them back
Ropes on my ankles, the deck to stack
Wrists tied to shoulders
Wrapping leg holders
High heels and platforms, final attack

Squatting half naked, waddle and sweat
My pussy displayed, my panties wet
My nipples aching
Baby steps taking
The perverts laughing, nowhere I get

Bean bag removing, given a kiss
A finger finding, center of bliss
Lifelong desire
Heat getting higher
Waddle puss roaming, subbie lust mist

Some friendly joker, took me in hand
Two minute quicky, on the coat stand
Hung up for fucking
The gang comes trucking
Hung from my elbows, quiet night planned

Waddle puss serving, cock sucking slave
My wet dream troubled, one special knave
His big smelly cock
Stands up from His jock
Pony cock purple, Iím not that brave

The ropes releasing, my inner slut
Face flopping forward, like drunken mutt
My ass in the breeze
My pussy juice sneeze
Subbie lust horny, please fuck my butt

Doggy style doings, chumming I cum
His cock my plumbing, striking me dumb
Riding my highway
Subbie lust flyway
My night of wonder, every last crumb

My address changing, moving upstairs
My Master training, meaningful stares
Old life is over
New life as rover
Subbie life living, end of my cares

Waddle Puss