Victimless Sin
by Peter Loaf

Pit in the cellar, ten feet across
Shackled and naked, knowing Hes Boss
Ring gag Hes dropping
My nightly topping
Silently screaming, bearing my cross

With mouth propped open, I cannot speak
The chain hoist lowered, I do not squeak
My serial rapist
Robes of a Trappist
A faceless shadow, havoc to wreak

My shackles lifting, feet from the floor
Screaming in silence, wet to the core
Two weeks a captive
The girl adaptive
Demon demented, His hanging whore

Im up and over, finger between
My pussy frothing, something obscene
Nipple tips perking
Subbie lust lurking
Lifelong obsession, into this scene

Went Trappist hunting, stories abound
Sex and submission, my Master found
A dark lonely night
A sandbag invite
The pit of the rapist, in shackles bound

Six months the limit, back to my life
His pattern steady, His ordered life
Timeless tormenting
Endless inventing
Hung for the butcher, a half year wife

My thighs are slimy, His fist within
Flutter-kick fucking, bug on a pin
Nipple tip biting
Flopping fish fighting
Subbie lust storming, victimless sin

Victimless Sin