Vapo Rub
by Peter Loaf

Holding position, spread on the bed
My Masterís orders, my tummy lead
The nylon binding
No comfort finding
My pussy gaping, my subbie dread
Back to the mattress, going no-where
Tickle lick teasing, Iím swelling there
Razor strop smacking
The deck heís stacking
Pussy proud captive, the pervertís lair

Licky slit nibble, vulva displayed
Nipple lick nuzzle, my legs are splayed
Tickle ribs thrashing
My systems crashing
Wadding tape mumble, gonna get laid

Vacuum hose suckle, pussy lips bloom
Screaming and creaming, knowing my doom
Limber tongue reaching
Defenses breaching
Hard bound so perfect, clear to my womb

My masterís member, his stiffened prick
Spread on the bedding, canít even kick
Licky slit buzzing
My vision fuzzing
Vapo Rub spreading, his meaty stick

Panic thrash struggle, try to escape
His member glistens, pussy agape
Vapo Rub stinking
Pussy prod pinking
Slither stick thrusting, faking my rape

Vapo Rub burning, sliding within
The heat comes spreading, fucking begin
Subbie restraining
Subbie retraining
Clutching my lover, horny as sin

Vapo Rub