Upstairs Downstairs
by Peter Loaf

Up in an attic, the maid awaits
Head in a bucket, wide open gates
Spread eagle dripping
A finger slipping
Helpless and horny, waiting for dates

Head in a bucket, nothing to see
Feeling exposure, Simon laGree
Cracking lash snapping
My passion trapping
Gag muffled grunting, gag muffled plea

Pussy presented, dripping with musth
Tickle stick buzzing, my protests hushed
Hands gripping boobies
Fingers pinch rubbies
My elbows cinching, tasting of rust

Downstairs the bucket, lowered away
Viewing room filling, my matinee
The lash comes cracking
Pussy attacking
Gag blocked Iím screaming, my passions play

Upstairs the torment, downstairs the lust
Aucioneer bidding, the upper crust
The stairway to heaven
Top bidding seven
The losers sit watching, the dildo thrust

The big screen showing, whatís being done
The tickets costing, fun by the ton
My body burning
My fortune earning
A penis probing, my buttered bun

Upstairs and downstairs, passions flaring
Helpless in traction, passions sharing
Shoved in my shitter
Gag tasting bitter
Hard long and greasy, wide eyed staring

Slowly heís fucking, the outs and ins
My face betraying, torment begins
Hands gripping titties
The Walter Middies
Downstairs but wishing, the upstairs wins

A vibrator touching, pussy lips gape
The cock in my colon, extended rape
Grunting reaction
My satisfaction
Hard bound and happy, never escape

Finally a finish, limply withdrawn
Shitty cock dripping, his devil spawn
The next one is bigger
The Middies snigger
Double fucked subbie, to them belong

High wide and helpless, thundering fuck
Upstairs and downstairs, starting to truck
Gag garbled pleading
Pony prick seeding
Passion comes crashing, subbie in luck

Upstairs Downstairs