Under The Boardwalk
by Peter Loaf

Under the boardwalk, the slave awaits
Spread-eagle fixture, cruelest of fates
Old Master losing
New owner choosing
Hot serving subbie, dozens of “dates”

Under the boardwalk, all comers served
subbie submissive, her fate deserved
The hot warming lash
A bag full of cash
Helplessly naked, so nicely curved

The cop comes calling, getting his due
Spread-eagle helpless, tight as a shoe
Slave market bidding
A fate so fitting
Subbie space tripping, bubbling stew

Dancing demented, serving them all
Spread-eagle helpless, it’s not her call
In shackles hanging
All comers banging
Subbie submitting, queen of the ball

A midget equipped, tongue like an eel
Her pussy dripping, making a meal
Licky slit worming
Spread-eagle squirming
The crowd applauding, hell of a deal

The hulking giant, a circus freak
Phallus humongous, and hard as teak
Gripping her bottom
Riding to Sodom
Screaming in passion, knees getting weak

A woman equipped, vibrating prong
Her pussy stretching, big as King Kong
Passion’s possession
Screaming confession
Subbie space loving, singing her song

Under The Boardwalk