Uncle Buck
by Peter Loaf

Uncle Buck’s mansion, upper west side
Three blocks from campus, swallow my pride
My budget is blown
His big old brownstone
A loan I’m needing, confident stride

Mother’s stepbrother, I called ahead
I knock the knocker, I need the bread
The butler greeting
“He’s in a meeting”
Taken to parlor, waiting in dread

Offered refreshments, sipping my drink
Passing from knowing, in slumber sink
Waking up groggy
My thinking foggy
Hogtied and naked, my shackles clink

Uncle Buck grinning, sitting in chair
Windowless chamber, hot horny stare
“Welcome back sleepy”
His manner creepy
Underground silence, his secret lair

“If cash you’re needing, let’s make a trade”
Uncle Buck whispers, a deal is made
Tit for tat tickle
Girl in a pickle
Services rendered, my college paid

“You’ll play my captive, so I’ll be blunt”
“My secret passion, helpless young cunt”
“I’ll have no remorse”
“You’ll have no recourse”
“Your cherries popping, both back and front”

Helpless and naked, hogtied in chain
Uncle Buck strutting, I must remain
My legs he’s spreading
My cherry shedding
Tabletop squeaking, tough to explain

My sphincter spearing, screaming in pain
My nipples gripping, struggle in vain
His pecker probing
My senses strobing
Deeply he’s thrusting, my spreading stain

Pussy lips tingle, swollen and wet
Cherry unbroken, soon gonna’ get
My passion growing
Uncle Buck knowing
Hogtied and helpless, game match and set

Switching to pussy, ramming it deep
My cherry popping, the brutal creep
Roughshod he’s riding
No way of hiding
Passion crash thrashing, his castle keep

Stagger from mansion, my cash in hand
Pretty young co-ed, much in demand
Once a week visit
The sex exquisite
Uncle Buck studdly, virgin’s last stand

Four years of college, three years post grad
My subbie lusting, needing him bad
Ying and Yang fitting
I’m never quitting
Uncle Buck Master, best ever had

Uncle Buck