Unbillable Hours
by Peter Loaf

Her bill resented, showing no shame
Her client knowing, she is to blame
His lawyer bagging
To basement dragging
Stocks and a spreader, his slave to tame

The client angry, she lost his case
Forgot a filing, he lost his place
Her billable hours
Within his powers
Bent and presented, fucking her face

Stripped of her clothing, clamped in the wood
Spreader bar spreading, got her butt good
For rescue screaming
Nightly wet dreaming
Gonna get reaming, as well she should

Fucking her tonsils, gargle and choked
Her screaming silenced, his organ poked
Blue lipped and gasping
Empty hands grasping
Her pussy dripping, inner thighs soaked

No way to fight him, her airway blocked
Struggles are useless, the stocks are locked
Spreader bar clanking
Her bottom spanking
Pussy juice splatters, her airway cocked

Gasping and choking, he moves around
Her pussy swollen, new target found
Hot wet inviting
His lust inciting
Deeply he’s thrusting, pussy fart sound

Riding his pony, dancing on air
Gripping her boobies, thousand yard stare
Pleasures come pumping
Helpless she’s humping
Gripping and stripping, his broody mare

Nipple pinch rolling, two points of pain
Pussy juice flowing, the floor to stain
His pony sliding
No way of hiding
Orgasms crashing, endless refrain

Unbillable hours, he has his nerve
Three days his captive, learning to serve
Bent and presented
Nothing prevented
Subbie converted, the dirty perv

From law retired, new future bright
His loving subbie, night after night
The thrill of knowing
His seed he’s sowing
A use more fitting, the subbie’s plight

Unbillable Hours