Turkish Prison
by Peter Loaf

Hashish discovered, at the airport
Strip-searched molested, sent to the fort
Kangaroo courtroom
Soon sent to my doom
Twenty year sentence, the guards to sport

The Turkish prison, the highest tower
An English tourist, within His power
He orders stripping
Underwear ripping
In stocks He’s locking, I cannot cower

Bent and presented, ass in the air
Feet spread and shackled, juicy and fair
Finger tips touching
Helplessly cluching
Clitty drip catching, the Turkish snare

The black snake snapping, locked in the wood
His hard hand touching, feeling so good
My need for passion
Under His lashin’
Pussy grip lifting, needs understood

Tiger-striped tourist, screaming in need
His organ stiffened, dripping His seed
My pussy stretching
His organ fetching
High hard and thrusting, my needs to feed

Gripping my titties, thumb in my bum
The stocks tight holding, starting to cum
The tourist subbing
Moll Flanders clubbing
The Turkish prison, Moll Flanders run

Orgasms crashing, spurting my need
Thunderfuck thrusting, my Turkish steed
Gripping His dipper
Pony cock ripper
Sex tourist subbie, I’m truly treed

Turkish Prison