Trust Me
by Peter Loaf

“Do you trust me, Ginger? he asked, showing me the blindfold and rope.  I looked him in the eye and nodded, wanting to believe I could.  But I was thinking, If I trust him so much why is my heart pounding so hard?  He gently placed the soft leather band over my eyes, cutting off all light. Next, he turned me around and began tying my wrists together so that they were held up in the middle of my back, high enough so as to be completely useless to me.

Never having been bound before, I shuddered to feel how helpless I suddenly was, how female, how sexy.  When the rope work was done so was I.  I was an armless, eyeless, package unable to either fight or flee.  I was his to do with as he pleased.  Afraid of attracting his frat brothers, I whispered, “Please Tommy, I’m so frightened!”

He chuckled low in his throat and unbuttoned my jeans. “Your fear is the sauce that will make this the best night of your life.” He said, pulling them down around my knees, hobbling me and making me feel ten times as vulnerable as before.

Standing there in the middle of his frat room, blind and helpless, bound and bare, I tried to cope with the rising lust I was feeling in my belly.  At long last I was where I’d dreamed of being, alone and helpless with a man who would take charge of me and relieve me of my virginity. 

I felt his hands pulling down my panties, felt the cool air against my shaved pubes, my already wet and swelling labia.  I jerked a little as his touch came to my sex, gentle and intrusive.  I felt his finger slip between my lips, probing my sex to find out if I had lied about this being my first time.  I jerked and wobbled as his finger found and tested my intact maidenhead.  “Good God, you were telling the truth!” he said, withdrawing the finger and smearing it under my nose so that I was forced to smell my own fuck me froth.  “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Again I nodded, afraid to speak.

Leaving my panties down around my thighs, he took me into his arms, hugging me to his strong chest, his hands pulling my hips tight against his so that I could feel his hard cock tenting the front of his slacks.  I pressed against him, moaning softly, wanting him, needing what he was offering. 

“I want you to give me one of your famous five alarm blow jobs now.”  He said, helping me down onto my knees.  Close in front of my face I heard his zipper go down, smelled his maleness, felt his hard hot organ touching my lips.  Virgin I might be, but this was something I was good at.  I opened my mouth and sucked him inside, my tongue tasting his pre-come, my wide mouth accepting his hard cock as if it were the missing piece of my puzzle.  Gripping my ears in his hands he slowly fed me his organ, letting me find out the hard way that he was longer than my mouth was deep. 

Helpless to control him, I felt his cock force its way down my throat, making me gag, making him groan in his pleasure even as I fought for air.

A few seconds without oxygen can seem like forever.  When he again withdrew his oversized and still hard cock I realized I’d nearly had an orgasm.

“We will do that some more later.”  He said, standing me back on my feet.  “But right now I have a little surprise for you.”

I heard a drawer open and suddenly I felt a large rubber ball being pressed against my lips.  “Open wide Ginger, I want you to wear this gag for me.”

The gag was huge, so large that I had to stretch my jaws before he could get it in behind my teeth.  When he set the buckle I was corked but good, unable to protest any louder than a nasal hum.  What I had thought was helplessness was suddenly ten times as frightening, ten times as sexy.

Again I felt his hands on my body, caressing my big blouse-covered breasts, my bare bottom, my inner thighs, now slippery with my passion.  I shuddered with my sexual need and tried to open my legs to give him better access to me.  He caressed me; his hands all over my helpless body, inciting my lust, building up the fire in my center, making me desire him more with my every shuddering breath.

I felt his finger poking at my back entrance and realized with a shock that it was coated in some kind of grease, I squealed behind my gag and tried to escape but found that he could control me easily.  When my pooper was well greased I was bent down over his desk and slowly butt fucked, his hard cock stretching me open so wide I could feel my hip bones creaking.  I screamed in fear but he just whispered into my ear.  “Trust me Ginger, this will not harm you.  Take long slow breaths and let your passion replace your panic.  After all, what is going in is smaller than what has come out.”

Tightly bound, I had no options.  I did as he said, slowing my breathing, relaxing and letting my ass accept his big organ.  What had been excruciating pain became in a few seconds strangely pleasant.  Then to my shock it became a growing pleasure, a rising tide of passion, and then a sudden, overwhelming storm of orgasmic release.

And still I was a virgin, at least technically.

He helped me to stand again and loosened the blindfold so that I could see and asked, “Still trust me?”

I looked down at his organ, seeing that it was still erect and potent.  I nodded, needing more.

“Good then wear these,” he said, slipping a pair of Walkman earphones onto my head and replacing the blindfold to hold them in place.  I found myself cut off from the world of sound.  There was a hissing in my ears that I recognized as white noise.  It covered all frequencies, masking the sounds around me to the point of complete isolation.  It reduced my senses to those of touch and smell.

I was left alone for several minutes then given a spanking over his knee.  Next, my bottom burning, I was put onto his bed and given a good long tongue lashing that left me nearly unhinged.

What I wanted, what I needed, was a good fucking.  Instead I got another chance to give him head.  There I was, kneeling on the bed between his legs, my head in his guiding hands, his long cock deep in my throat, my still burning butt high in the air, when I felt a second pair of hands gripping my hips.  “Trust me,” he’d said and now there was at least one other person in his room with us.   I screamed in fright, making him drive his hard cock even deeper into my windpipe to silence me.

Behind me someone was spreading my swollen pussy lips and positioning himself against my hymen.  Bound and helpless, I felt my hymen stretch then burst, allowing him deep into my vulva.  It hurt like fire but as excited as I was, it was a good hurt.  As the two cocks began to work on me in tandem I found myself enjoying the pain more and more with every passing moment.

I was like a chicken on a spit, skewered from both directions, and getting more done with every passing moment. 

I could feel my passion growing inside me as it had never grown before.  What I had thought was the outer limit of my passion went by like a mile post on the freeway.  I sucked on one cock and clenched on the other, out of my head in a sexual frenzy.  A third pair of hands came and began squeezing my breasts, a fourth began using a vibrator on my clitoris driving me insane with sensation, with passion so out of my control I doubted I would survive.

I began to come, my uncounted lovers driving me higher and further than I’d ever dreamed possible.

“Trust me,” he’d said and I had.  Now I knew my trust to have been misplaced.  I also knew that I would trust him again and again, if only for the pleasure.