by Peter Loaf


Sent to the General, red-handed spy
Butt hooked and naked, my dripping pie
Ring gagged and ready, cannot deny
Five way the shackles, trolley tie


Waist cincher holding, ass up display
Whistle crack swisher, bottom filet
Wet dreaming subbie, my feet of clay
The General coming, down here to play


Propping wide open, hooked up the butt
The Generalís wishes, riding crop cut
Pussy lips swelling, ready to rut
Bottom cheeks flaming, His shackled slut


Hook in my bummer, tied in my hair
Trolley delivered, itís so unfair
Wet dreams fulfilling, enemy lair
Pussy lips dripping, up in the air


Wiggle butt mumble, whatís keeping Him
Two holes no waiting, needing within
Vibrator probing, questions begin
Thunder-fuck spearing, bug on a pin


Slipping and dripping, vibrating cock
In and out piston, pussy in hock
Pinching my clitty, picking my lock
The Generalís member, hard as a rock


Standing before me, cock in His hand
Gripping and thrusting, strike up the band
Tonsil fuck gagging, part of His plan
Butt hooked and helpless, final demand


Yes and no questions, secrets I spill
Face fucking choking, robbed of my will
Dildo vibrating, put through the mill
The spy providing, countrymen kill


Portable prison, the trolley song
Held in position, to Him belong
Pony cock thrusting, both thick and long
High hot and hopeless, ringing my gong