Toy Maker
by Peter Loaf

They call him Geppetto, toy maker shop
Inventions quite clever, they whir and hop
Heard a dark story
Girls in a lorry
White Slaver agent, mission to stop

I’m undercover, tourist from Rome
“Toys for my nephews, taking them home”
His hand touching mine
I’m losing my mind
Submission given, to cellar shown

Stripping to undies, hiding inside
My mind controlling, free will denied
Damp and dark cellar
Greasy slave seller
Sat down and shackled, ready to ride

Helpless condition, half naked too
My subbie rising, it’s something new
Deeply repressing
And never guessing
This need within me, never a clue

Sitting position, arms under knees
Six trunks sit ready, gag muffled pleas
One trunk sits waiting
But first a mating
Flipped over captive, I’m bound to please

Ripped away panties, thumb in my bum
Old man Geppetto, getting him some
Hung like a hero
Smells like a gyro
Slave girl in service, smelling of chum

The magic holding, libido freed
His pleasures fill me, feeding my need
The blanket biting
Helplessly fighting
Mission accomplished, needing his seed

His time he’s taking, blessings of age
His phallus sliding, crafty and sage
Geppetto in charge
His phallus so large
Gasping in passion, girl in a cage

Locked up and loaded, hoisted and stacked
Helpless and naked, my goods are packed
The traffic noises
And foreign voices
Roaring jet takeoff, and then attacked

Helpless in irons, crew taking turns
The cop awakens, peeks through the ferns
My subbie hiding
They’re roughly riding
Gone is the magic, justice I yearn

The rough field landing, back in our trunks
Loaded in lorries, the dirty skunks
The dusty dry heat
And helpless complete
The time not passing, missing great chunks

Blinding light cringing, cop in a case
Harem dressed handmaids, “Where is this place?”
“Off season palace”
“Just south of Dallas”
Sponge and a bucket, scrubbing my face

“Who is our owner, what does he do?”
Cold soapy water, I would eschew
Handmaidens rubbing
Pecker tracks scrubbing
“Our Master’s magic, you’ll learn to rue”

Night in a dungeon, head in a sack
The darkness complete, nothing but black
Naked I shiver
Frightened I quiver
Footsteps come muffled, rapist’s attack

The shackles render, I cannot fight
The phallus thrusting, head feeling light
Subbie returning
Subbie lust burning
Gripping and slipping, my future bright

Come dawn we’re resting, out by the pool
Geppetto’s new girl, I’ve been a fool
His magic holding
My body folding
Ass up and happy, gripping his tool

Toy Maker