Too Tight
by Peter Loaf

Too tight to wiggle, too tight to twitch
Hanging and hurting, son of a bitch
Pussy ropes splitting, waiting for switch
The Game we’re playing, my boyfriend Mitch

First time in bondage, going for broke
T’was my idea, my silly joke
My dreams explaining, my panties soak
Brought out the cordage, Mitch to provoke

Mitch is a sailor, learned it at sea
Knowing his knotting, never get free
Patting my bottom, oh my oh me
Too late for running, too late to flee

Left me here hanging, gone out the door
Bundle of birches, his little chore
Hurting and squirting, wet to the core
Subbie lust swinging, the reason for

My nipples aching, my tummy churns
Topping from bottom, libido burns
The front door opens, lover returns
Fresh cut the switches, merit badge earns

Hand on my bottom, so soft and round
Crooning and mooning, my clitty found
Tickle touch wiggle, toying around
Gag garbled gasping, a mewing sound

Then come the birches, whistle and hit
Bottom bomb bursting, doing his bit
Subbie lust flooding, oh please don’t quit
Fantasies filling, shudder and shit

Time in a bottle, time on a rope
The cooze cords cutting, bringing me hope
His phallus probing, shaped like the pope
Pussy lips stretching, slippery slope

Fucked to a frazzle, swinging in air
Too tight to wiggle, the perfect pair
The sailor’s roping, done with such care
The subbie lusty, sexy and fair