Time Out
by Peter Loaf

Hubby too busy, making the bread
Lifestyle expensive, our tastes well fed
Sometimes I push him
Play on the cushion
Our love life boring, dead in the bed

I try to tease him, tickle his cheek
His work heís doing, fucking I seek
His anger rising
His smile Iím prizing
Our game of chicken, one night a week

At last heís sighing, saving his work
I tremble slightly, up from the murk
My hind brain slithers
My body shivers
My nipples aching, I see him smirk

Hot little wifey, doesnít behave
To playroom taken, the dirty knave
The stand stands waiting
Its nickel plating
Time out proclaiming, impatient slave

Shackles click trapping, elbows and wrists
The stanchion holding, my lips are kissed
Clamping my collar
Stretching me taller
My ankles clamping, clenching my fists

His fingers fumble, corset hooking
The laces tightened, hot stuff cooking
Some powder applied
Iím itching inside
Hubby too busy, from playroom booking

Left on my lonesome, wetting my pants
On stanchion dancing, havenít a chance
Canít wiggle or pout
Too soundproof to shout
My pussy needs reaming, motionless dance

Time out Iím waiting, horny and hot
My Hubbyís training, the toughest spot
The game Iím losing
My juices oozing
My pussyís last stand, my chances shot

Well after midnight, hubby returns
My will is broken, my tummy churns
My Hubby chuckles
My nipple suckles
Pinching my clitty, until it burns

Leg clamps releasing, spreading my thighs
Organ up standing, surprising size
Hanging from collar
Choking I holler
Puppet strung subbie, winning my prize

Time Out