by Peter Loaf

Perfect round bottom, sticking up high
She cannot escape, canít even try
High hot and horny
Her problem thorny
Fight or flight trumping, the spiderís fly

Wrapping in plastic, tightens the bind
A hood on her head, now she is blind
A gag ball stretching
She looks quite fetching
Open hand smacking, her bare behind

Struggles and mumbles, ass turning pink
Tight little anus, her brown-eyeís wink
Knotted crotch splitter
Knot on her shitter
Perfect round bottom, feeding my kink

Another layer, a spandex bag
Tighter and tighter, donít like to brag
The drawstring cinching
Her bottom pinching
Pleading for mercy, behind the gag

Ass up and ready, she cannot move
My cane comes slicing, something to prove
Creamy cheeks welting
Resistance melting
Subbie space dweller, into her groove

Quivers and spasms, spurting and wet
Whistle hit wiggle, high horny get
Gag muffled pleading
Wordless entreating
Her rump Iím roasting, game match and set

The crotch ropes loosened, kneeling behind
Tight bundle begging, wide-on I find
My organ slipping
Her pussy dripping
Love muscle gripping, the tightest bind