Tiger Eyes
by Peter Loaf

The Prince’s servant, was brought before
Collar and irons, was all she wore
Arms in a binder
Two guards behind her
Helpless and naked, knowing the score

Ring gag removing, questions commence
His hand caressing, nothing prevents
Her body trembles
Tries to dissemble
Truth telling pussy, his touch intense

The dungeon echoes, a growl low
A Bengal tiger, his presence know
Four way the traction
Open reaction
His fingers diddle, her final show

Smelling of sushi, her pudding pie
Her clitty glistens, her choking cry
Her nipples twisted
His pain resisted
The spy debriefing, her day to die

Training extensive, knowing the risks
The Prince’s business, his file discs
CIA spying
Harem girl trying
Catching red handed, a weapons frisk

Her pussy dripping, swollen and pink
Pheromones flooding, a sexy stink
The Prince deserting
High hot and squirting
Orgasm verging, brought to the brink

Tigers eyes glowing, smelling a feast
His bose is twitching, she smells of yeast
His purring rumbles
Orgasm tumbles
Tongue long raspy, “OH JUDAS PRIEST!”

Pussy lick kitty, nose in her ass
Orgasm doubles, pleasures surpass
Queen of his harem
Tiger lick scarem
Dancing girl wiggles, one horny lass

Terror unbounded, and passion too
Wet dreams fulfilling, bolt from the blue
Tiger eyes shining
On sushi dining
Raspy tongue’s harvest, sensations new

Secrets confessing, the agent sings
Raspy tongue reaming, Orgasms Bring
Hung up for licking
Struggle and kicking
Learning new lessons, her bell to ring
Tiger Eyes