by Peter Loaf

Dorm room disturbance, the captured thief
It’s Goldie Miller, daughter of Leif
Scholarship student
Maiden imprudent
Taken to provost, shaking in grief

“Your crimes too many, your thieving way”
“The bench of penance, penalty pay”
“Sjambok we’re salting”
“Your crimes we’re halting
“Thirty-six lashes, bottom display”

The night of dreading, locked up alone
The sunrise coming, crimes to atone
The virgin quivers
Her fear delivers
The door lock opens, a stifled moan

Taken to classroom, the room behind
Wooden contraption, purpose unkind
The door left open
An end to hopin’
“Strip off your clothing, see what we find”

Provost’s assistant, flexing his whip
Hide of a rhino, held in his grip
Salt water dripping
The maiden stripping
Her classmates watching, quivering lip

Straps on her ankles, clamp on her throat
Wrist shackles buckled, it’s all she wrote
Nipples blush swollen
Her spreading pollen
Ass up and waiting, escape remote

Butt first a lecture, ass in the wind
Pussy lips gaping, seeing within
Her classmates giggle
Try not to wiggle
The bench of penance, wages of sin

The sjambok whistles, thin stripe of pain
Kick wiggle straining, on bench retrain
Pussy lips gushing
Nipple clips crushing
Screaming full throated, her muscles strain

Assistant sporting, bulge in his pants
Sjambok comes wrapping, bottom up dance
Pain like a fire
Funeral pyre
The thief reforming, her second chance

Bottom cheeks crimson, her pussy too
The lashes biting, her rising phew
Nipple bells ringing
Bottom cheeks stinging
Pain/passion helpless, her heady brew

Thirty-six lashes, the door is closed
Provost’s assistant, perfectly posed
Greasing her bummer
Screaming young comer
High wide and helpless, gonna’ get hosed

Provost approaching, ring gag in hand
Her anus stretching, strapped to the stand
Her pussy gushing
Empty and blushing
Gargle choke gasping, strike up the band

Two fuckers fucking, half in a daze
Bottom cheeks burning, penalty pays
Thief in the middle
Meat on the griddle
Passion storm rising, no more delays

Coming explosive, clip on her clit
Tinkle bell dancing, doin’ its bit
Ass up and gripping
Their semen stripping
The thief repentant, swears she will quit

Petty thief punished, back in the dorm
Reception waiting, horny and warm
Victim demanding
Vistas expanding
Subbie slave future, weather the storm