The Wait
by Peter Loaf

Waiting in darkness, bound to a chair
Gagged against screaming, foam rubber pear
Kidnapped for ransom, the only heir
The banker's daughter, shivering prayer

Taken at disco, the parking lot
Hoodwinked and throttled, a hangman's knot
Silent the struggle, getting a shot
Waking in darkness, where I know not

Stripped of my clothing, shivering fear
Ropes on my body, my dripping tear
Sitting on dildos both front and rear
Nipple clips burning, purpose so clear

Pressure my daddy, forcing his hand
Video taping, ransom demand
Vibrators buzzing, fantasy land
Bound tight and helpless, my passion planned

Waiting in darkness, left on my own
My sins regretting, weight of the stone
The banker's daughter, nipples in cone
Passionate princess, waiting alone

Wiggle and jiggle, going nowhere
Twin buzzing monsters, just isn't fair
Passion storm building, here in their lair
Nipple weights swinging, the passion snare

Footsteps approaching, a flash of light
High hot and dripping, the endless night
Pussy lips swollen, must be a sight
My captor hooded, the captive's plight

Standing behind me, gripping my tits
His penis poking, helpless I sits
Finger-fuck wiggle, nerve endings blitz
Orgasms rushing, calling it quits

After its over, dropped in the park
Hoodwinked and naked, wandering dark
Dildos still buzzing, my choices stark
Footsteps approaching, circling shark