The Promise
by Peter Loaf

"Just for a minute," the promise made
A lover grinning, the game I played
Her body blushing, her charms arrayed
A picture pretty, the shackled maid

The camera clicking, the cheesecake shot
Her body blushing, still hot to trot
Post coital dripping, my pecker snot
Trusting and lusting, my dirty plot

The minute over, time to get dressed
Keys in my pocket, sheís never guessed
My pocket rocket, pussy possessed
Secret perversion, my needs repressed

Promise forgotten, lust in my eye
Shackled in garden, she cannot fly
Handsome and horny, standing so high
A second coming, Iím gonna try

Her wrists Iím fixing, pussy leaking
Butt first a flogging, passion peaking
Soft leather splatting, havoc reeking
Bent and presenting, pleasures seeking

Liver lips swollen, fresh fucked and fine
Hot wet and helpless, making her mine
Pheromones splatter, pinking behind
Screaming and begging, girl in a bind

Then when Iím ready, sliding it home
Shackled and helpless, nowhere to roam
Stand and deliver, dripping with foam
Bee to the flower, the honeycomb

Promise forgiven, pleasures newfound
Pussy lips gripping, her mewing sound
Hanging and helpless, in shackles bound
Bottomís up bottom, pretty and round

Thumb in her shitter, cock in her grip
Losing my rhythm, letting it rip
Driving for finish, sliding I slip
Coming triumphant, new pussy drip