The Prisoner
by Peter Loaf

Prison for women, an offshore isle
Inmates kept naked, matter of style
From eighteen to thirty
All of them pretty
Playpen of power, mouth of the Nile

Ruling class patron, coming to call
Dressed in her freckles, taken from stall
The uniform stuff
Boots collar and cuff
The inmate gated, giving her all

Follow the guardsman, out into light
Shackled and collared learned not to fight
A flogging offence
Follow him hence
Prisoner delivered, a sexy sight

The patron portly, a picnic lunch
The wine is chilling, grapes in a bunch
Blanket for sitting
Leg spreader fitting
Pussy spread juicy, his favorite munch

Basking in sunshine, sipping his wine
His hookah toking, taking his time
Power of power
A pleasant hour
Prisoner preparing, looking so fine

Spreader bar lifting, leashed to her throat
Folding her double, escape remote
Pussy presented
Pheromones scented
Muff-diving pervert, pussy juice coat

Tongue-ing and bunging, sucking her clit
Her passion rising, her dripping slit
Kicking and screaming
Rocking and reaming
Masterful mounting, never to quit