The Bastard
by Peter Loaf

The King’s only daughter, Crown Princess Gwen
The Bastard winning, battle of Fen
Her Highness taken, put in a pen
Dungeon demented, the Devil’s den

King’s older brother, her uncle Bjorn
His rights asserting, a bastard born
Wrong side the blanket, his rights were shorn
Rebel force leading, sounding his horn

Father crusading, far distant lands
Her forces scattered, her shackled hands
Her uncle chuckles, makes his demands
High wide and helpless, Bastard commands

Strapped to a table, folded in two
Five iron shackles, she would eschew
Uncle stands over, taking the view
Pussy proud swollen, in season ewe

“My birthright stolen, I should be King!”
His fingers feeling, her passion bring
Pussy lips pinking, sanity cling
The cracker snapping, bottom to sting

Fighting her bondage, screaming her pain
Five-way the shackles, she will remain
Body presented, struggles in vain
Pussy juice welling, her spreading stain

“You’ll sign the papers, before I’m done!”
“The marriage contract, I’ll be the one!”
“The dowered kingdom, I will have won!”
“Justice restoring, the eldest son!”

The princess screaming, held on the rack
“Don’t forget daddy, his army intact!”
The cracker snapping, her open crack
Clitty so swollen, point of attack

“The King is dying, wounded in fight.”
“His army scattered, in headlong flight.”“The news arriving, the other night.”
“My forces holding, might making right!”

“I will not marry, one such as you!”
The whiplash snapping, taking its cue
Pussy juice splatters, her rising phew<>His organ dripping, a look that’s new

Her eyes grow wider, struggle and strain
Helpless and virgin, shackles detain
“My power complete, let me explain.”
“Our marriage begun, long will I reign!”

Screaming invective, struggle and kick
His organ swollen, and dripping tip
Her hymen stretching, starting to rip
Her vulva filling, her muscles grip

Riding the princess, probing her well
Thumb on her clitty, ringing her bell
Gripping her titties, smelling her smell
Rolling her nipples, under his spell

Welted butt spanking, riding his mare
Subbie space welling, the passion snare
Shackled to table, her uncle’s lair
Pain pleasure passion, just isn’t fair

Queen and her consort, Royal reaming
His seed he’s planting, pussy creaming
The captive princess, end of scheaming
Their essence mixing, pussy steaming

Man at arms running, news from the shore
The King is landing, his army corps
Rebels retreating, running before
The sword of vengeance, half brother for

His hostage holding, the dungeon deep
The King comes marching, power complete
The drawbridge rising, the castle keep
Turrets and towers, the mountain steep

The battle Royal, half brothers fight
The castle holding, the hostage tight
Her tummy swelling, her brutal knight
The heir apparent, his Royal right