Texas Tea Party
by Peter Loaf

Her taillight broken, the sheriff’s car
Handcuffed and shackled, she won’t get far
“Come with me cutie”
“Your sexy beauty”
“Your fate is settled, tea party star”

Ruling class mansion, house on the hill
Poor white and trashy, filling the bill
Upper class revels
Big money devils
Centerpiece helpless, holding so still

The maiden naked, bound up in chain
Centerpiece table, pleading in vain
Sheriff providing
Matron presiding
Studly McMuffin, Father McBain

Texas tea party, fingers between
Tickle clit teasing, her virgin sheen
Nipple tips harden
Pussy lips pardon
Hard bound and helpless, the captive teen

Greasing her bottom, shoving within
Screaming for mercy, head in a spin
Pussy lips swelling
Her secrets telling
Spanking hard laughing, pinking her skin

The hot sauce pouring, flowing inside
Her colon burning, the death of pride
Table-top flopping
Studly comes topping
Hymen head popping, taken for ride

Pepper sauce burning, thrusting so fast
The chains restraining, shudder and gasp
Something is coming
A distant drumming
Pussy grip clenching, the die is cast

Thunder-fuck stretching, nipple twist pain
Tea party revels, a spreading stain
The sheriff chuckles
His belt unbuckles
Her bottom beating, she must remain

Pepper sauce dildo, the madam mounts
Pussy lips gaping, pheromone founts
In passion screaming
Her pussy creaming
The Priest stands waiting, ready to pounce

Flopping fish passion, no way to run
The priestly feeding, dog into bun
Orgasm crashing
Her cervix splashing
Fucking her tonsils, the sheriff’s cum

Afternoon passing, the fun and games
Helpless young woman, her passion shames
Used and abusing
Bottom contusing
Pleasure confusing, her subbie tames

Slave girl converted, finding her role
Subbie space passion, taking its toll
Subbie lust seeding
Needing her breeding
Subbie girl slaving, filling her hole

Texas Tea Party