by Peter Loaf

Rings in my nipples, tinkle of bell
Blinders and helmet, pony girl spell
The high purple plume
The high stepping doom
Bit garbled snorting, my only tell

Ponygirl harness, hoof-boots and all
Neck bracing collar, out of my stall
Pony cart waiting
Pony cock mating
Hands strapped behind me, better not fall

Tethered and waiting, shaft up inside
Double team harness, nipple ring tied
Naked and ready
The feelings heady
Taking our mistress, her morning ride

My sister Suzy, fighting her lead
Her matching harness, helpless indeed
Soon hitched up beside
My nipple untied
Our Mistress ready, double-quick speed

The open meadow, the morning mist
Our pussies gripping, tight as a fist
Nipple bells jingle
Nipple rings tingle
Our bottoms burning, buggy whip kissed

Topping the hillock, pausing to rest
Our mistress chuckles, passing our test
The brakes sheís setting
The turf Iím wetting
Hands on my boobies, this is the best

Ring suckle tugging, shaft stretching wide
Clitty strap rubbing, canít be denied
Pony girls breaking
Pony girls slaking
Double team passion, the finest ride