by Peter Loaf

Four way spread-eagle, cast iron frame
Helpless and naked, playing our game
Ball gag and blindfold
Four way the ropes hold
Stretched on the table, subbie to tame

Out here since midnight, passion restrain
Touch tickle teasing, “No pain no gain”
My darkness complete
Don’t tickle my feet
Tickle touch pleasing, endless refrain

Passion ride ridden, dawns early light
Four way spread-eagle, ropes really tight
Passion storm rising
My lust surprising
Gag garbled pleading, my bondage fight

The birdies tweeting, milkman’s clatter
Fence high and solid, it shouldn’t matter
Spread-eagle waiting
subbie lust baiting
Helpless spread-eagle, school kids chatter

Throb in the distance, a chopper’s whop
Traffic guy flying, could be a cop
Crossing right over
Backyard in Dover
Straining I struggle, needing my Top

Licky slit teasing, diddle my clit
subbie slut captive, chomping my bit
Master my Master
Faster and faster
Chopper forgotten, slave-slut submit

Watching the newscast, later that night
The footage showing, shot from a height
“Do you know this girl?”
My head in a whirl
Outed to millions, in bondage tight