The Sword and the Rope
by Peter Loaf

Dressed in soft leather, a second skin
Session commencing, let us begin
Japanese rigger
Sensations trigger
Pussy juice oozing, stirrings within

Prop table loaded, dildos and stuff
Whips and chains menace, gonnaí get rough
Some stocks heís locking
My feet inhocking
Straddle leg standing, Samurai tough

A sword selected, Japanese steel
The captured maiden, part of the deal
Heís walking behind
Intentions unkind
To scabbard tying, gag garbled squeal

To body rigging, my shoulders pinned
My wrists heís binding, out to the end
The captive maiden
Hands up and waitiní
Spread eagle female, around the bend

He stands before me, manly display
His penis dripping, my feet of clay
My buttons opened
My boobies scopiní
Butterfly pretties, nipples display

In pain Iím writhing, wanting them off
My skirt heís lifting, my body soft
My panties ripping
My boobie gripping
I stand in bondage, an empty loft

Some weights heís hanging, my pussy rings
Labia stretching, it really stings
Patting my bottom
Smoke if ya gotíem
My breathing ragged, passion/pain brings

Subbie space entered, watching the scene
Passion protecting, passion extreme
Hot high and waiting
My breath Iím baiting
A zapper touching, my garbled scream

Nowhere Iím going, Iím bound to stay
The lighting striking, arcing display
Nipple clips biting
My bondage fighting
Right down my tummy, clitty dismay

The weights are dancing, stretching me long
The zapper nestled, big as King Cong
Orgasms starting
Pissing and farting
My subbie coming, to Him belong

My feet unlocking, taken to bed
Back on the mattress, nothing is said
My thighs fall open
Iím rope-a-dopiní
Session half over, my pussy red

His kisses tickle, his tongueís delight
My body burning, my bondage tight
Nip suckle nuzzle
His dripping muzzle
Mattress-back dancing, my future bright

Turning me over, up on my knees
My dripping pussy, high ground to seize
My ankles binding
My center finding
My vulva stretching, tight pussy squeeze

Japanese cowboy, riding his mare
Nipple clips opened, Masterly care
Boobies bright burning
Subbie lust yearning
Passion storm thunder, here in His lair

The session over, back on the street
My body aching, slated, complete
My panties missing
His parting kissing
Dripping His jizzum, smelling so sweet

The Sword and the Rope