Sure Thing
by Peter Loaf

Life changing moments, never know when
One minute freedom, life in a pen

Waking up naked, shackled and bent
A human package, nothing prevent

Each of us destined, pain/pleasure blend
White slaver agents, slave market send

Collar connected, down to my feet
Wrist shackles rattle, helpless complete

Sexy and servile, the surest thing
Shipping us over, pussy to bring

Shipping container, sitting in dark
Sex slaves in cargo, conditions stark

Fed from a bottle, Nutrashake drink
A daily hosing, flushing the stink

The crewmen toying, girls on the spot
Rape racked and ready, tied in a knot

Rolling me over, onto my knees
Butt high and helpless, former prick tease

Pussy lips fiddle, thumb on my clit
Passion in shackles, my rocket lit

Dropping his trousers, greasing my ass
His organ enters, give it the gas

Pain/pleasure stretching, colon aflame
Shudder shit fucking, slave girl to tame

Shackled in irons, serviced in teams
Slave girls delivered, ending our dreams

Two weeks of training, knowing my place
Slave market waiting, end of the chase

The slave slut's function, Master's delight
Sure thing in irons, holding so tight