Summer Breeze
by Peter Loaf

Private beach party, far from the crowd
Arms in tight bondage, all things allowed
Member upstanding
Sprinting for landing
Master and slavie, pretty and proud

Bare titties bouncing, laughing away
Arms bound behind me, natural prey
My pussy dripping
Slavie state tripping
Cattle-prod promise, my feet of clay

This island private, no one to save
Half naked helpless, I kind of crave
Master me Master
Faster and faster
The breezes billow, the crashing wave

Tripping and falling, mouth full of sand
Cattle-prod sparking, struggle to stand
Stagger sprint stumble
Taking a tumble
Gather skirt tying, his spanking hand

Helpless and blinded, prodded behind
Master me Master, arms in a bind
Summer breeze chilling
Slavie so willing
Bare bottom package, the finest kind

Hands in the darkness, gripping my tits
His member probing, back where I shits
Moaning desire
Raging my fire
Bent and presenting, his thrusting blitz

Stretching around him, finger my cunt
Kicking feet lifted, taking the brunt
Phallus supported
Passion reported
Pain/pleasure storming, end of the hunt

Summer Breeze