by Peter Loaf

We see a young woman placing her foot into a seamless red silk stocking. Strapped to her head is a Bishop gag holding a large red ball within her mouth.

Seamless silk stockings, head harness too
Otherwise naked, fresh from the loo
Bear trap Iím setting
Cool yet Iím sweating
Horny canít stand it, need something new

The page is divided into equal thirds. On the left we see a close up of a winch motor mounted to the frame under a hospital gurney. There are two white Nylon ropes attached to its twin spools. In the middle we see a low angle view of the ceiling mounted winch switch and see her tying the control rope to the top of her head harness. In the right third we see a close up of her placing toothy little clips on her nipples. From her wrists trail loose lengths of white Nylon rope.

Head rope controlling, the winch below
Lifting head tightens, pussy to show
Nipple clips biting
Find it exciting
Quitting time ready, his helpless ho

Again in thirds, this time horizontal, we see first a pickup truck being driven into a basement garage. Second we see a large man walking toward the door into the basement. He is wearing cowboy boots and tight jeans that make no secret of the size of his wedding tackle. Third we see an over the shoulder through the door view of the manís squeeze fastened to the gurney so that her legs are up beside her shoulders and her hands are pulled down toward the witch, all slack now gone from the wrist ropes.

Garage door opens, his muffler loud
Sugarbear lover, so well endowed
Regular feller
Comes in through cellar
Ready and waiting, Iím pussy proud


Bottom presented, wide-tied-ready
Eyes without pity, His gaze steady
My life on a tear
Bait for my Bear
Helpless exposure, heartbeats thready

We see a side view of the basement tableau. The cowboy is standing over his lover with a grin on his face and his hand on her open sex.

Sugarbear looming, my bottomís top
Orgasm needed, I got to pop
His fingers touching
My fingers clutching
Gag and a harness, oh please donít stop

Close up of his tongue licking her clitoris as his thumb spears her well-greased anus.

Itís not surprising, to find me thus
He knows my needing, my secret lust
Self-bondage tricky
Bending to licky
Pussy presented, smelling of must

In the top half we see a close up of the moment of impact as his palm slaps into her well spread ass. Her frothy wet pussy is blooming and red as a rose. In the bottom half we see his glands penis wedging open her anus, just entering her colon.

His hand is spanking, my cheeks glowing
Welcome home Sugar, pussy juice flowing
Bondage perfection
Done with affection
Pussy lips gaping, glory holing

On top of the diagonal we see his fingers twisting the toothy clips on her nipples. Below the diagonal we see her spraying hot piss all over her Masterís shirt front.

Nipple clips touching, tenders twiddled
Cock in my colon, clitty fiddled
Screaming in passion
Pussy juice splashiní
My bladder empties, my Bear widdled

We see him, now stripped to the buff, laying to her bottom with a riding crop. His big penis is standing up hard and dripping pre-cum.

A time of screaming, the crackerís slap
Body presented, my tender trap
Subbie lust flaming
My Bear Iím taming
Topping my bottom, flutter-kick flap

We see a close up of his big cock sliding into her pussy, stretching her in pleasure and filling her with need.

Thunder-fuck sliding, my vulva filled
Body presented, subbie un-chilled
Double quick action
Full satisfaction
Thumb on my clitty, his semen spilled

In the left third we see him kissing his prisoner on the gag. In the middle we see his hand disconnecting the control rope so that she can no longer escape her self bondage. The right third shows him sitting below her ass and munching away on her goodies.

Sugarbear tender, loving and sweet
The winch controller, the dirty cheat
A chair below me
Getting to know me
Pussy-pie diving, gag-garbled bleat

In the upper third we see an extreme close up of him blowing a high C against her blurred clitoris. Below that we see him removing the nipple clips causing her to surge against her tight restraints. On the bottom we see his hand spanking her open pussy and anus.

Suckle my clitty, buzzing His lips
Sugarbear playful, his penis drips
The clips removing
Itís well behooving
Bottom bright spanking, and other trips

In the top half we see him continuing to eat her pussy even while heís getting back to his feet. The chair is falling over behind him. Below we see his big cock spearing down into her frothy sex.

My fires raging, coming again
Red spread and helpless, I cannot win
Pussy lick diving
For passion striving
The chair kicked over, hardness within

We see a side view of the rutting pair, the camera catches him just starting another thrust.

This time is slower, urgency passed
His long sword sheathing, making it last
Red spread and ready
His thrusting steady
Vulva clench milking, His mizzen mast

Close up of her screaming, gag blocked face, showing her pinprick irises and her flushed-faced passion.

My screaming changing, pleading demand
Fuck me my Sugar, please understand
His penis within
Itís soft silky skin
Itís driving rhythm, strike up the band