by Peter Loaf

Chill misty morning, follow along
Taken to dairy, to him belong
The hoist is waiting
There’s no debating
Wrist ankle shackles, my subbie song

Dairy barn bondage, my Master George
Pussy lips dripping, the bonds to forge
Finger-fuck wiggle
Hanging I jiggle
Two milkers pumping, nipples engorge

Patient and steady, taking their turns
My boobies throbbing, future concerns
Clitty tip flicking
My time bomb ticking
Singletree hanging, I never learn

Tongue in my pussy, humming a tune
Eager lips kissing, his special boon
Greasy thumb shoving
Subbie lust loving
Passion prize building, soon loony-toon

High wide and horny, the suckers suck
Butt plug vibrating, starting to truck
Double tongue dipping
Pussycat nipping
Foreplay extended, needing a fuck

Ankles releasing, hoisting away
Spreader chains waiting, open display
Riding crop cracking
Pussy lips smacking
Passion-dance kicking, tender filet

Thunder-fuck sliding, into my middle
Masterly Master, fingertips fiddle
Riding his pony
So hard and bony
Hey diddle diddle, solving my riddle