Subbie Sublime
by Peter Loaf

The distance nothing, the shift in time
Nine hour lagging, on Greenwich Time
In water closet
Turn off the faucet
Follow instructions, subbie sublime

Nipple blush makeup, labia too
Razor burned pussy, already phew
My bag is clinking
Like Ive been drinking
Walking to garden, the sky so blue

Garden chair sitting, the deepest shade
Self bondage chicken, the piper paid
Happily married
Sexually harried
Hubby vanilla, adjustments made

My secret keeping, my stifled screams
Self bondage secret, my troubled dreams
My inner needing
Never receding
Danger-mouse subbie, my pussy creams

Sessions remembered, typed on a blog
Response fantastic, libido jog
Brain-fucking lovers
My Angel hovers
Buzzing vibrator, big as a hog

My ankles chaining, its quite a thrill
The key removing, an act of will
Tossing it away
Right here I will stay
Naked hot and bothered, two hours to fill

My tits Im binding, as per the script
The cords are tiny, my pussy drip
Swollen and tender
Out on a bender
Changing their colour, the tightened grip

The bricks are added, idea mine
I hope He approves, sitting on pine
The buzzer buzzing
My vision fuzzing
Time for the blindfold, subbie sublime

The pub behind me, I muffle cries
Doggy chew gag ball, the largest size
The final refinement
Shackles confinement
Shackle key tossing, the buzzing flies

Naked and horny, my passions know
My Master and lover, in mountain snow
A subbie astray
Orgasmic display
Up country village, Channel below

When reason returns, I hold my breath
Pubers gone quiet, as still as death
Laughing out raucous
A drunken caucus
To lies returning, and Crme DeMint

Knowing their knowing, the passing time
Hubby homecoming, usual time
The key string tugging
Heavy brick lugging
Orgasmic finale, subbie subblime

My story telling, a viral storm
My cuckold hubby, knowing his norm
His unknown treasure
A cash of pure pleasure
A good provider, not even warm

My lover distant, the safest sex
Computer messing, think he suspects
Sometimes I catch him
With lopsided grin
Next time My outing? If ever next?

Subbie Sublime