Subbie In Service

 by Peter Loaf

 Subbie 1

Spreader bar holding, pie in the sky

Pussy lips pouting, try to deny

Hubby inventive

Anil retentive

Subbie in service, gag muffled cry


Paddle spank whipping, going nowhere

Wrist ankle shackles, keeping me there

Pussy lip petal

Testing my mettle

Tickle clit torture, done with such care


Mouth stuffed with undies, mumble and whine

Doing my duty, feeling divine

subbie loves Hubby


Fantasy filling, the pleasure mine


Mustache to tickle, lickity slit

Tongue long and probing, a quiver fit

Suckle nip biting

Vulva inviting

In season pussy, doin' my bit


Perfect position, high and so wide

His pecker potent, ready to ride

Hands gripping my hips

He's spearing my lips

Thrusting and busting, my rising tide


Hard rides my Master, grunting his lust

Gag garbled screaming, I simply must

Spreader bar holding

Passion unfolding

Subbie in service, bundle of trust


High tight and thrusting, boning the ham

Subbie subservient, battering ram

Twilight's last gleaming

My Royal reaming

Hubby persistent, bursting the dam

Subbie 2