Studly McMaster
by Peter Loaf

Interest in bondage, moth to the flame
Leather bar pick-up, oh foolish dame
Up the coast highway
A steep little byway
Studio dungeon, my tiger tamed

Tummy-flip tremors, hung like a mule
Stripped flipped and helpless, a bloody fool
Tickle tip teasing
Nipple pinch squeezing
Sweating in buckets, dripping my drool

Pussy lips parted, His tender kiss
Tongue long and limber, floating in bliss
Wet dream Iím seeking
Pussy lips leaking
Studly McMaster, passionate mist

Slapping my fanny, suckle my clit
Milking my udders, shudder and shit
Rape racked and ready
Subbie lust heady
Mewing impatient, oh please donít quit

Thumb in my bummer, greasing the way
Bound in position, I have no say
Pony cock pressing
Keeping me guessing
Thunder-fuck spearing, into the fray

Riding his pony, nowhere to go
Clip on my clitty, part of the show
Bucking and straining
Nothing Iím gaining
Studly McMaster, His helpless ho

Deep up inside me, His organ spurts
Passion exploding, his spanking hurts
Orgasm comes thunder
His spell Iím under
Pussy juice creaming, coming in spurts

Studly McMaster