Student Body
by Peter Loaf

Working through college, pre med degree
A bondage model, ten times the fee
Private collection, no one will see
Sexy and sultry, her wordless plea†

Pretty the picture, sexy and nude
Paying tuition, needing some food
Photo flash session, handsome young dude
Hard bound and horny, service include

The thong is splitting, her bottom crack
Made of tight rubber, it gives no slack
Twin dildos buzzing, the deck to stack
Wiggle and jiggle, tough keeping track

Riding crop whistles, bottom cheeks pink
The client sniffing, her rising stink
Cameraman sporting, no time to think
On dildos dancing, her missing link

Passionate captive, nowhere to go
Pussy juice gushing, sheís gonna blow
Her studentís body, giving a show
Titty snap slapping, buzzing below

Cameraman leaving, "Ready my dear?"
The client wealthy, naked and near
Her bottom burning, her crimson rear
Her nipples crinkled, dripping a tear

A ring gag strapping, propping her wide
Dildos demented, way up inside
Panting in passion, ready to ride
Hard bound young beauty, nothing denied

Face fucking fixture, untied from chair
Carried to bedroom, her Masterís lair
Dildos replacing, passion to share
Hard bound and helpless, the perfect pair

Then in the morning, back to the dorm
The cash deposit, ten times her norm
The client sated, fuzzy and warm
The student body, weather the storm